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Tips To Buy A Good Electric Height Adjustable Desk


Mar 18, 2019

Today comfort with health care has become trendy. People now care for they’re well being along with work pressure. This has led to the innovation of HADO electric height adjustable desks. The main motive of the invention is because of the research-proven fact that sitting down continuously for many hours causes heart problems and obesity.

There are lots of models in the market popping up every day. It may not be easy to make a choice for the first time buyers. Here is a complete guide on how to buy a HADO electric height adjustable desk and what are the technicalities to look for while buying

Weight and Height

  • First and foremost is to look for the weight capacity that the table can hold.
  • As it functions electrically the motor can fail to function, if the table is overloaded
  • Select the table with a higher holding capacity
  • The low weight tables are designed only for placing computers and laptops
  • The adjustable height is usually in the range of 21 to 56 inches. The apt position while standing is to rest the knees on the desk with the forearms angled towards the floor.
  • The stability of an electric desk is determined with its height. Greater the height, lesser is its stability.
  • Desks with 2 legs are less stable as compared with 4 legged tables

Desk Noises

  • Any electric motor makes noises when they run. When the tables are moved from one height to another with the help of the motor, they produce sounds. These sounds are unavoidable. Never fall for the sellers’ trap of 0% noise tables.
  • Opt for the table that makes minimal noises
  • Tolerable noises are between 40 and 70 decibels (Whispering in a library is around 30 Decibels). A normal voice is of 60 to 65 decibels

Micro Controller

  • Every table comes with a pre-programmed controller
  • The controller stores the predefined heights set by the user. These desks are best suited for offices where the desks are shared by the employees
  • However, there are also the less expensive economic table that comes with up and down buttons without microcontrollers

Ergonomic Features

  • The keyboard tray should be adjustable. If the tray is immovable, it might be inconvenient in the long run
  • It should have a separate box to hold pens and notebooks
  • The monitor holding tray should also be adjustable. This helps to prevent straining of eyes

Assembling the Table

  • Order for a self-assembling desk only if proper tools are available. Else, go for an already assembled desk.
  • There are also models that do not require assembling as they are designed with legs that fold together.


  • The electric desks can be changed from sitting to standing positions in 10 to 20 seconds
  • They can hold greater weights as compared to manual or gas lift desks.
  • Best suited for long working hours as positions can be easily changed
  • The components of the desk move together simultaneously saving time while working on the desktop.

By ozfetch