It is important to choose a inspirational public speakers for your event or for a conference to present great views and discuss the agenda of the meeting. Event planners or contractors often struggle to hire the right candidate or speaker, whether it is an internal audience, Industry leader or professional speaker. A successful program wants to rope in a great speaker to motivate people.

Since event planning is the most important function of the business meeting without which there is no question of planning an event and making it successful, event planners must have an organized approach when it comes to selecting speakers which fulfill the expectation of the audience. A structured approach to speaker selection will help obtain the needed internal approval for a budget as well as an executive a successful program.

It is important to look for a speaker who keeps macro trends in mind and aware of changing trends. Here are some points you must include in your speaker selection.



Tips to Choose a Conference Speaker


  1. Healthy presence on social Media – a modern conference speaker must understand the power of social media and have a strong presence there with healthy and engaging followers on his account. You should look sign for positive engagement and meaningful content.
  2. Remuneration – It is not right to hire a speaker for free when they have just started in this field or vice versa. The modern speaker must put effort to improve his talk, spend time researching the audience and the subject to make the session a success.
  3. Professionally designed slides- There is no excuse for black and white slides with unreadable bullet points. A presentation is not a book, but rather it should be designed in a way that is convenient to use. A proper slide design helps in conveying the message right, so it is imp that the speaker has a good slide presentation.
  4. Audience opinion- Ensure that the speaker should engage the audience and polling during presentations. When selecting a speaker, you should check if they have used polling in the past A right speaker for your event must suggest polling as a means of interaction and engagement.
  5. They encourage interaction – A modern performer should know that their role in the conference is not limited to talking, but also moderating. They should facilitate conversations and horizontal interaction. Discuss the session topics and moves that make attendees take responsibility for their learning.
  6. Meaningful content – A good speaker should provide ample blog posts, tweets, vines, YouTube videos and whatever piece of content related to the topic of the event.

Conference speakers in the international platforms must be chosen carefully. Ask more from your speakers like what they know about the job and their goals. It is important to select someone who chooses awareness over narcissism. It is important that the speaker has special attributes that make him stand out differently than others.