Having a loud voice is no longer a prerequisite if your goal is to become a successful salesman. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t involve learning the language of robots. It might come in handy if doomsday prophets are right about the immediate danger of robot uprising, but if you just want your business to thrive, you should learn best SEO practices instead. Every action that makes your website more easily navigable for your customers will have a positive impact on your rankings as well.

If you plan to make your company the next Starbucks, except pancakes are your cup of tea instead of coffee, you should start small. Until global domination becomes a feasible idea, your focus should be placed on gaining a reputation in a particular region. Baby steps, remember. In a second, you’ll learn how to improve your regional SEO strategy. Let’s go!

Keyword research

Before you decide what your next steps are, you need to know what are the most popular phrases that are relevant to your business. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge to conduct research. With simple tools, such as Google Analytics, and ProRankTracker you can check which words drive the most traffic in a particular area. It will allow you to prepare an adequate strategy.

You shouldn’t be too specific; otherwise, you’ll need to create a lot of regional pages. To save time on creating pages for every single city, try organizing them into regions.

Regional pages are non-negotiable!

If you want to increase traffic to your website, creating pages targeting people from a specific area is a must. You shouldn’t just copy and paste the content of those pages, changing only the names of the places – duplicating your content is not a great SEO practice. If you put effort into explaining why your business is vital to the local community, it will have a more significant effect on your ranking. People who will read this description will also see that you’ve done your research on their community, and being understood is important if you aim to build trust.

If you have no idea what you should write about on your blog, then you can address local news. It will increase your regional rankings, but it will also be interesting for the readers.

You can also include information about the projects you’ve done in this area, and their effects on people’s lives, our mention the local companies that you’ve done business with. The chances are, people have their own opinions about local brands. If they see that someone they trust wasn’t disappointed by your services, they’ll be more likely to put trust in you as well.

Remember to include photos! Words are great, but real pictures, rather than stock photos will show your customers that your words carry weight, and aren’t just a marketing technique.

You can also create a map that will show your customers where your company is located and how to get there. You can also mark your service area  – it will save you a lot of time answering the emails!

Generate links!

If you want to improve your rankings, you try different methods to increase the traffic to your website. You should dedicate time to take part in local events so that more people learn about your company. Being seen in public is essential if your goal is to improve brand recognition. Include the reviews by your clients, so that any potential visitor will know the quality of your services.

Google My Business

If you want to be able to reach a wider audience, you’ll need to set up Google My Business profile properly. In just a few seconds, your customers will learn the basic information about your company. Showing up on Google Maps can considerably increase your traffic. It’s also free.

Voice search

More and more people use voice search. If you want to increase traffic, you should put effort into optimizing your website so that it will rank high with phrases starting with wh- question words. Not many businesses have already caught up with the trends, which means that it won’t be that difficult to gain an advantage.

Mobile optimization

In 2017 50.3 % of all web traffic was mobile. Saying that the tide is changing would be an outright lie – this trend is nothing new. We are used to being able to access the internet instantly, which means that this number will only increase. Failing to make the experience of mobile users as smooth as possible would seriously damage your business.

It’s worth it!

Everyone is busy these days. Not many people go to the stores physically anymore, deciding instead to shop online. It means that the importance of a proper SEO strategy will only grow, as the share of people shopping online will only grow. You don’t need to have years of experience speaking the robotese. Most of the previously mentioned techniques are relatively easy to implement. Now it’s time for you to dedicate some time and effort and you’ll notice the influx of new customers in no time!