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Stokesley Strollers are the winners of Analox’s wellbeing initiative by being the first to cover a distance of 370 km.

Seven teams took part in the initiative which started on Monday 25 January and each participant was given a pedometer to track their steps both in and out of work.

The challenge was to cover a distance of 370 km as it is the distance from Earth to the International Space Station. Each week teams submitted their steps into a spreadsheet to keep track of their progress.

Despite some stiff competition, the Stokesley Strollers managed to step up to the challenge and reach the target first.

The initiative is still going, as staff continue to monitor and log their steps in a bid to get fit and also have a bit of friendly rivalry with colleagues.

Julie Cole, HR Manager for Analox said: “We had a large uptake for ‘Infinity and Back Again’ including staff from our US office. It’s great to see so many people get involved in the challenge and hopefully this has encouraged individuals to increase their daily step count and be more active. I would like to congratulate Stokesley Strollers and the rest of the teams for taking part in this initiative. Well done!”

The NHS recommends that you set yourself a target of 10,000 steps a day (which works out at just over 8km), but the average person only covers 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day.

10,000 steps seems like a lot – so how can you increase the distance you cover? Here are a few ideas:

  • Park further away from the office or shops
  • Get off the bus a stop or two earlier
  • Walk to see your colleagues rather than calling or emailing
  • Go for a stroll in your lunchbreak
  • Listen to music when you go for a walk
  • Take walks in scenic and exciting locations
  • Offer to walk the dog (or a neighbour’s/friend’s dog if you haven’t got one)
  • Always take the stairs