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Top 3 VPN Software in the UK

The internet in the 21st century is a place of immense capabilities and trends, allowing one to communicate and access data at lightning speeds. However it is often the case that internet connections in the UK are subject to throttling by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), leading to restrictions on bandwidth and content, thereby diluting one’s user experience.

Fortunately, there are several Virtual Private Network (VPN) software on the internet that can help you circumvent these restrictions. To help you sift through the bad apples, we’ve scoured through several reviews at to come up with a list of the best VPN software to use in the United Kingdom. Below you can read more about the top 3 VPN software, to get access to a seamless browsing experience on the internet.


The top software on our list of the best VPNs in the UK is ExpressVPN, the one stop solution for all your internet browsing needs. It boasts of having servers in over 94 countries and unmetered bandwidth for incredibly fast connection speeds. ExpressVPN comes with 256 bit encryption along with being incredibly easy to install.  Its tremendous server capabilities as well as its un-throttled speeds make it an ideal choice for streaming HD video from streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and HBO (you can read about different streaming services in this article on However its drawbacks are that it’s slightly more expensive than other VPN options, and that it does not offer telephone support to its customers.


Next up on our list is NordVPN, a true giant when it comes to VPN software since it’s been around for well over 10 years, providing military grade protection for your browsing needs on the internet. The company is able to provide a high level of data security since its servers are located in Panama, a jurisdiction where there are no mandatory data retention regulations, and hence you can be assured that your data and activity is not being logged with NordVPN.

In addition, NordVPN has over 559 servers in 49 countries; with 24/7 chat support to help you with any issues that might arise in its use. While it is able to deliver a good browsing experience overall, it is pricier than other services and its speeds are not consistent on all servers, and Nord doesn’t provide telephone support to its users.


If you’re looking for a popular VPN software that is able to provide you with a variety of features, high streaming speeds and a safe browsing environment, at a reasonable price then PureVPN is the right choice for you. Offering more than 500 servers around the world, a notch higher than the current industry standard, PureVPN is able to offer high end services for secure browsing and gaming to more than 1 million users around the world. It is also extremely useful for users with high level of internet censorship in their countries, for instance the top 10 countries detailed in this article on However, despite being amongst our top picks amongst the numerous VPN applications on the market, PureVPN’s drawback is that the user’s connection and bandwidth is logged, making it slightly less secure than the other VPNs on this list.

On the whole, all three VPNs on this list are guaranteed to give you access to a completely unrestricted internet, allowing you to have a fulfilling browsing experience on the internet.

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