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Top 5 Business Broadband Deals in January 2023


Jan 11, 2023

There are many options for business broadband in the United Kingdom, so it is essential to take the time to make sure you are choosing the best one for your needs. You want to choose a package that is affordable and will meet all your business needs, including those of your employees. That means you will need to compare different offers and read reviews to find out what’s best for you.

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Here’s our guide to the top business fibre and broadband deals in the UK, on the market today.

  1. Virgin Media

Virgin Media has a variety of services including broadband, phone service, and TV packages (also known as quad play). These can be combined into various bundles to suit your business’ needs – much to people’s surprise, these offers aren’t just for home users.

Virgin Media broadband is, generally speaking, the fastest in the UK and their broadband plans are no different. It uses fibre-optic cables to offer download speeds of up to 1140Mbps. Though of course it really depends if you can get Virgin Media in your area – enter your business postcode to find out on their website. Also be aware that, depending on your location, the top speed may vary.

You can sign up for Virgin Media broadband in just four days with its QuickStart option. This is not available to all customers. The minimum contract period is 18 months. You can cancel your contract at any time, but you will need to pay for the remaining term of your contract. During the first year, Virgin Media may give you a 50% discount.

The Virgin Media network covers about 55% of the country. It is used by more than 5.6 million homes and businesses. If you’re not included yet, then don’t worry because the company is investing £45 billion in its network over the next few years. Its network passes nearly 16 million premises in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is undergoing a three-year upgrade that will make it a full-fibre connection to all customers.

Virgin Media offers a wide range of deals to its existing and new business customers. Its promotional offers include vouchers of up to £100 off your business broadband plan.


  1. TalkTalk

TalkTalk Business provides a range of broadband packages for businesses. These include FTTP, leased lines and fibre to the premises. These offer high download speeds of up to 900Mbps. They also offer standard landline services.

TalkTalk has an excellent service that is rated highly by both customers and experts. It has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and doesn’t raise prices after a contract has been signed. They also offer a free static IP address.

There are a variety of TalkTalk broadband deals that are available to new and existing customers. They can be combined with TV and mobile plans. They also have a Fuel Saving scheme that allows customers to save 3% off fuel at Shell service stations. The first 60 litres of fuel are also discounted.

If you or your colleagues are heavy internet users, you may want to consider a faster fibre package. With the Fibre 35 deal, you can enjoy fast browsing and streaming videos in HD. You can add a Boost to your subscription to enjoy premium channels. If your connection drops below the TalkTalk broadband speed guarantee, you are able to get a full refund.

You can choose from a variety of packages that include unlimited usage. You can also add a variety of bolt-on features to enhance your services.

When looking for a new deal, it’s best to check with TalkTalk’s customer service. They are happy to discuss any issues. They can also be reached by phone from 9am to 5pm.

  1. Plusnet

Plusnet offers a range of broadband packages. You can get one that is perfect for your needs and budget. You may also find a deal that includes extras.

Plusnet also offers a range of TV add-ons. These include YouView TV, which provides 70 Freeview channels, as well as BT Sport. This bundle offers Premier League and Champions League football.

You can also sign up for a mobile phone service. There are options to get an unlimited data allowance and you can choose to pay for a line rental. You can even get a PS75 reward card for signing up.

Plusnet is one of the UK’s cheapest providers. If you want to save money on your broadband, you can opt for a monthly only package. However, if you need a faster connection, you should opt for a fibre service.

BT, of course, runs on the Openreach network, but Plusnet and others use it. This means you should have no trouble getting your home connected. In fact, 93% of the population can benefit from a fibre service. Plusnet also has an excellent customer service record. They have won many awards for their products and services. They also offer a comprehensive support service. You can contact them on a 24-hour basis if you need help. They also offer specialist support for businesses.

Plusnet offers two fibre broadband packages. They do not offer full-fibre service, but they do offer great value business packages.

  1. Shell Energy

If you’re looking for a new broadband provider, Shell Energy is a good option. They offer competitively priced broadband packages and have recently expanded their service to include internet services. You can find more information about Shell broadband deals here.

Shell offers a variety of broadband packages that range from the basic ADSL to the ultrafast fibre optic service. They also offer additional call plans. They’re not the cheapest superfast broadband providers, but they’re still pretty good value.

There are three core broadband deals from Shell, and they’re all offered via Openreach’s national UK network. In addition, they all feature free activation and basic router hardware. The average speed of each package is 202Mbps, which is comparable to most of the other major home broadband providers.

You can opt for an 18-month contract, but you can always upgrade your plan. Shell also gives you three months free if you sign up now. Unlike other providers, they won’t raise your price after your contract is up.

They have a rewards scheme called Shell Go+. You can earn money off fuel and get discounts at petrol stations. These savings apply to up to 60 litres of fuel per month. They also offer free broadband to new customers until January 2023.

They’re one of the cheapest copper broadband providers, and they do offer some very cheap deals.

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting your customers, it’s possible that you need to save money and cut costs at your business too. For this reason, we’ve picked Vodafone as the next choice, because they do some stonking great business deals.

  1. Vodafone

If you are looking for a business broadband deal with mobile minutes included, Vodafone offers a variety of packages. They offer fast fibre internet to businesses of all sizes. You can also opt for a package that includes discounted phone calls.

For a competitive price, Vodafone can provide you with high-speed fibre internet. This is ideal for those who need to work online. You can choose from a number of plans and get a monthly data allowance as well.

The fastest fibre broadband package available from Vodafone is Gigafast Pro. This allows you to download at an average speed of 900 Mbps. This is perfect for large businesses with more than 50 employees.

This service is not only fast, but reliable. You can even install a WiFi booster to boost your connectivity. It also comes with a free security package that will protect you against spyware, hackers and viruses – make sure to check that you don’t already have an antivirus software installed first, of course.

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