The Asian Market has successfully established its name in the top regions for generating the highest number of gambling revenues. Improvement in the Asian economies and the growing population is the reason behind this massive growth.

Asia has now emerged as one of the popular destinations for gambling. People across the globe visit here to check out highly curated and advanced casinos in the world. Though various Asian countries follow their respective legal permissions and restrictions for online gambling and land casinos, the enthusiasm and the fervour of gaming is never low here.

Legal Asian Countries for Gambling

As the betting and gambling industry is rapidly growing in the Asian region, the laws and regulations for each of them are different. Let us check out some of the countries with rules and regulations for gambling.

  • Japan- Throughout the country gambling is illegal. The permission is given to only three legalized casinos. Lotteries and sports betting are allowed, but not gambling.
  • The Philippines- Gambling is allowed here with the legal license from authorities like PAGCOR and other local zone economic authorities.

  • China- China though is one of the highest revenue makers in Asia, the gambling industry is limited to two cities only- Macau and Hong Kong.
  • South Korea- Casinos here only welcome foreign tourists. There exists only one casino that allows Korean players to enter the casino.
  • Singapore- Only four destinations are allowed for gambling. With limited resources, the gambling revenue is low too.
  • India- Only a few and very selective provinces are allowed to run gambling games.
  • Malaysia- Casinos only allow foreign clients to play and enjoy.
  • Vietnam- The legalization of land casinos is in debate and the government is in the process of bringing laws for it. Though foreign clients can enjoy gambling. Therefore, the Vietnamese people usually go to the online betting website to play betting
  • Taiwan- Casino games and poker are all illegal here. Be it land-based or online. Only sports betting is legal and played abundantly.

The chart stated above shows that gambling is not fully accepted in the Asian region and people can play it with loads of restrictions and if they try to cross the boundaries, legal action awaits them. Nevertheless, the world of online gambling is rising and Asian people participate in gambling through this medium.

Prominent Asian Countries for Gambling Revenue

The gambling business is not just limited to gaming zones. In today’s era, land-based casinos welcome their guest with affluent facilities of exquisite accommodation, swimming pools, private beaches, shops and cinemas to entertain guests with utmost perfection. This way the world of gambling is increasing with great popularity.


 In the region of China, Macau and Hong Kong are only two cities that are allowed to operate land-based casinos. It is needless to say, Macau tops the ranking for revenue generation as more than 45 casinos operate in this city with more than 4,000 slot machines, 850 kinds of games and eventually generate approximately $30 Billion business per year. It is also called the Las Vegas of the East. Galaxy Macau, Wynn Macau, City of Dreams and The Venetian are the few most popular gaming hubs. Additionally, Hong Kong has more than 6 legal land-based casinos with a more focus on sports betting. And not to miss, online casinos also generate revenues for this country.

It is very clear that China generates the highest number of revenues through Gambling


The journey of gambling has been quite debatable in Singapore. During the British Rule, it was banned and the country became free, the rule remained the same with only the exception of the state lottery. When Singapore suffered a great economic crisis in 2006, the local government considered land-based casinos for generating revenues and decided to permit only two licenses per ten years. Today this country operates two duopoly casinos named Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. Also, in 2016 two casino operators managed to get a license for online gambling and begin lotteries and sports betting online.

Today, Singapore generates more than $10 Billion in revenue, a handsome amount of money.


In this country only Goa, Sikkim and Nagaland are the places where land-based casinos operate. Indian Government is very strict with the laws and regulations of the gambling industry. Though after so many restrictions and prohibitions, this country in a nutshell generates $10.25 Billion of business per year. Online gambling too is very strictly prohibited, but many players indulge and play freely but the government keeps the right to ban any of the platforms without prior permission. No matter what the reason is but India generates noticeable gambling revenue.


This country battles with the dilemma of legalizing gambling. Though the Government of Vietnam is strict in its rules and regulations for the casino games, it makes a turn-over of $1.75 billion in the year 2020. This hopping amount is proof that though Vietnam residents face issues with the legalization of casino games, tourists come here from abroad to indulge in gambling and make great profit. It is quite obvious that Vietnam is a rising hub for gamblers.

Moreover, Japan too generates a business of $16 Billion per year, which can make it the second-highest gambling industry after Macau.

Asia is growing rapidly in the gambling industry and the future is ticking for great success.