Although fun to play, free slots games can become addictive if you are not careful. Finding slot games in the UK for Android smartphones and tablets isn’t difficult as there are several slot friendly apps at the Google Play Store.

Guest author Joe Booth looks at the top seven most addiction slot games for Android devices.   To find out more about Joe Booth, click here.

Our online slots reviews list of the seven most addiction slot games in the UK for Android was decided based on multiple factors which include slot themes, gameplay, graphics, features, bonuses and RTP.

616 Digital LLC Slots

616 Digital is a game studio that has developed over a dozen casino slots for Android. This developer is unique because it offers two types of Android slots, as follows:

  • Free-to-play slots with in-app purchases
  • Single payment slots without any in-app purchases

Some players steer clear of the former because the micro-transactions can result in overspending. If you are a player who hates in-app purchases, you can obtain 616 Digital slots by making a single payment.

On the downside, the developer does not update its single-payment slots. However, the free-to-play slots get continuous updates, giving you a decent slot gaming experience when you are in quarantine.

Slots from Zynga

Zynga has several game offerings including poker and free slots games. Zynga slots are special because they are based on popular movies and television shows. So playing a Zynga slot on your Android device enables you to re-experience movies like Happy Days, The Terminator, and The Wizard of Oz.

The company likes to keep things simple, so you won’t be overwhelmed by an overload of features. Although you get bonus coins now and then, the product encourages players to dip into their wallets and purchase coins for real money.

Hana Games

Hana Games, a Google Play Store game developer, has several slot games for Android devices. These slots are based on a variety of themes including marine, fairy tales, mythology and more.

The slot designs are basic, which makes them easy to understand and play. The only downside is that they yield infrequent payouts, which makes them rather frustrating to play. You have to get really lucky to hit a prize.

You have a wide range of Hana Games slots to choose from at the Google Play Store, including Zombie Slots, Titan’s Wrath, Magic Puppet, Fashion Slots, Panda Slot, and many others. They have loads of features such as bonuses, jackpots, free spins, and others, making you spend long hours on them.

Slots Pharaoh’s Way Casino Games & Slot Machine

Among the most popular slots games for Android are Pharaoh’s Way slots, which are a collection of three-reel and five-reel slots with simple designs and varying themes. You can choose from slots with ten, twenty-five, and fifty ways to win.

Players, however, are disappointed with the absence of a cloud-saving feature. If you lose your device or buy a new one, you will lose all the progress you have made so far.

Rocket Speed – Casino Slots Games

Most of the slots in the Rocket Speed portfolio are casino-style and classic slots with multiple features and based on a variety of themes. You don’t even need to be online to play these slots.

Moreover, Rocket Speed introduces new slots into its free-to-play slot gaming apps regularly. You can look forward to exciting mailbox offers with free coins and hot deals. The free slots games have great jackpots and bonuses, making them capable of delivering the land-based slots gaming experience.

777 Slots – Free Vegas Slots

You can get hooked to 777 slots in no time. The addictive nature of these slots makes them very popular. Also, these slots are generous with their free coins and give each player 10,000 free coins, to begin with. You can choose from 70+ slot games featuring hourly free bonuses and daily free spins.

You will find yourself returning to enjoy slots such as The Bank 777, Sliding 777, The Bank 777, and many more. Keep playing even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Slots: Hot Vegas Slot Machines Casino & Free Games

If you are the competitive type, you will enjoy playing the Hot Vegas slots. Generally, playing slots is a solitary experience, but Hot Vegas allows you to compete with fellow players through leaderboard races and tournament modes. You can see how lucky you are when compared to other players. Another great feature of Hot Vegas is its selection of slots based on political issues.


Go ahead and try out a few of these games and see which one suits you best.