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Top Features a Good VPN Should Posses


Apr 1, 2020

The VPN market is ripe. More and more VPN server providers are breaking into the market. This makes it hard for consumers to choose the right VPN. Plus, this can be difficult if it’s your first time to shop for a VPN. But this does not mean purchasing any VPN you come across. With research of VPN reviews and a few tips, you can land the best VPN. The following are critical features you should look for in a good VPN.

More Server Locations

With a VPN, you have a tool that can create tunnels and encryption features to hide your private as well as confidential information. Thus, a VPN you choose should have more than one server location. This makes it hard for other parties to steal your information. Remember, if third parties hack one location, there is another location server that acts as a backup. So, be sure to ask your VPN provider about location servers.

Mobile Apps

Of course, getting a VPN on windows is good. However, accessing your VPN from a mobile app is convenient and easy. For instance, you can access the internet whenever you are on the go. With a mobile phone VPN, you can easily access public Wi-Fi from any part of the world. The VPN you choose should support popular mobile devices—including IOS, Android, etc.

A Kill Switch

Security is important when looking for information online. However, it’s impossible to get a 100 percent secure VPN. IP leaks can happen. This can expose you to hackers and other third parties. IP leaks happen when there is VPN server overload. However, your online security can be boosted with a VPN kill switch. With a VPN kill based switch, you have a feature that routinely monitors VPN connection failure. For instance, when there is a connection drop—which can lead to IP leak—the switch kill will be activated. So, when looking for a VPN, look for one with a VPN kill switch.

Anonymous DNS Servers

Choose a VPN with a DNS resolution. Defined as Domain Name System, DNS servers represent the process of turning the address typed into the web address bar web browser into an IP address that’s used to direct traffic. In most cases, the DNS translation is default and is usually performed by ISP. However, for your safety and privacy, it’s important that the DNS translation process is secured from prying eyes. That’s why you should invest in a VPN with anonymity. So, look for a VPN with anonymous DNS.

Additional Features

Additionally, ensure that a VPN you purchase has the following features.

  • No log policy
  • Router support
  • Support for OpenVPN
  • Low price

The Bottom-Line

It’s not all about having a VPN. Getting it right with your choice is extremely important. Remember, VPNs don’t have the same capabilities. While other VPNs can greatly injure your internet speed, others have poor encryption features to guarantee your online privacy. That’s why you should be careful when purchasing a VPN. Use the above features to purchase a VPN that you can be proud of. From mobile apps to router support—these are the features a good VPN like https://privacyspark.com/vpn/purevpn-vs-pia/ should have.

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