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Top recruiter tips


Apr 7, 2020

Becoming a better recruiter is all about improving flow. From networking with potential candidates to having those all-important conversations with hiring managers, finding ways to tweak your recruitment process in a way that results in a measurable positive impact can be difficult. The best advice is to take your usual approach and make small alterations – if you try to change too much as once, you’ll feel like you are starting all over again, which will slow you down and ultimately won’t stick.

We’re going to cover a quick guide to headhunting to speed up your process and improve your recruitment strategies.

Improve your interview process

More often than not, you will read a job description that’s super generic. Typically, these job descriptions are copied and pasted from elsewhere, with an extra line or two added to make the hiring manager feel like they’ve added a pearl of wisdom. Now, between a copied and pasted job description and a hiring manager who in all probability isn’t an expert in the role being advertised, we have a problem. That problem is that the exact nature of the role is not exposed, and the perfect candidate may be just a phone call or email away.

By digging deep into the company and by reviewing the job description with a high level of scrutiny, you will begin to be able to spot what may really be going on – this means that you can review similar industry roles and check out how they are being advertised. Add any vital keywords to your interview process to help find the person you’re looking for.

Research your niche

Plenty of us have been there before, on the other end of the phone listening to a recruiter as they rattle on about a sector they clearly know nothing about. Sure, they’ve researched some terminology and they can sound convincing for almost a minute. But over the course of a conversation, you’re going to feel like you’re dealing with someone who wouldn’t know an industry professional from someone who’s read a Wikipedia page. So, how can you be sure they are going to notice you? This can be frustrating, and can lead to a breakdown in the whole process for the hiring manager, the recruiter, and a group of candidates from which the best candidate isn’t able to stand out due to poor recruiter knowledge. If you want to find the best candidates, you MUST become a near-professional-industry in your hiring niche.

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