• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your fleet management?

We have the ideal all-in-one Vehicle Tracking Software.

Businesses in industries that rely significantly on vehicles and mobile assets may realize that operating their business without an integrated system is inadequate at some point.

If you want to expand your field service business while also improving fleet management, now is an excellent time to think about how vehicle tracking software might assist.

Vehicle monitoring systems that aim to enhance management, increase efficiency, productivity, and driver safety may be just what your organization needs, depending on your present and future demands.

What does Vehicle Tracking Software do?

While your company’s vehicles are out in the field, vehicle tracking systems maintain track of them and collect important fleet data.

You can quickly identify your drivers’ whereabouts using a live location map within the Tracking System, whether they are stationary, on their way to a new task, or taking a break. The program will assist you in keeping track of time and in informing clients about job progress. This technology will also provide you with numerous driver and vehicle reports.

Benefits offered by Vehicle Tracking Software:

Cost-effective solution:

With precise, detailed data, vehicle tracking software will provide you with a greater understanding of your fleet’s behaviour. You’ll be able to utilize the data to better manage your fuel expenditures, with detailed statistics on your entire fleet and individual driver scores.

This technology can also track how much time your vehicles spend idling and create more effective routes, lowering mileage and fuel costs. Knowing that they are being tracked, employees tend to minimize their personal usage of corporate vehicles and drive better.

Live Tracking:

Track your users’ real-time positions with a live tracking map and establish an auto-refresh, so you always know where they are, making it easier to plan reactive tasks.

Efficient management of reactive jobs:

It’s simple for fleet managers to identify the nearest vehicles to urgent or emergency work when they have a system that allows them to see all of their drivers’ positions at once. Jobs can be planned in the most cost-effective manner when you constantly know where your workers are and plan reactive jobs based on their live location.

Everything in one system:

Vehicle Tracking Software also offers driver behaviour reports for all of your drivers, capturing data like mileage, user, and job reports so you can keep track of jobs and employees at all times and never miss a beat!

This technology allows you to keep a close eye on your drivers and vehicles. It will also notify you of any deactivated devices; for example, if one of your drivers unplugs their tracking device, the system will inform you. Installed units are available to ensure units are not disconnected. However, those businesses with a high turnover of vehicles have at least have peace of mind knowing that office admins would be notified should any devices be tampered with. All of these features and reports are combined into a single, streamlined design.