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Train without the pain or strain with Speedflex

A REVOLUTIONARY training and fitness concept is now making it easier than ever before for athletes and sports professionals to train right up until competition without the worry of injury.

Speedflex, which has its headquarters at Newcastle, offers high intensity training which all but eliminates aches and pains the next day.

And this means it is perfect for sports men and women who need to keep active, but don’t want to injure themselves in the run up to their next tournament or event.

Speedflex, which operates from the Fleming Business Centre, Jesmond, was developed to help improve people’s fitness without the strain usually associated with exercise.

Offering cardio and resistance training in group sessions, the client’s effort level is used as force instead of traditional weights, and this lets the user train at their own personal level.

This means there is no chance of the client damaging their muscles with heavy weights, and makes it perfect for people needing to be in full fitness the next day.

Gateshead-based motorcycle racer and journalist Aaron League believes the system means athletes and sports professionals can now train right up until the day before a tournament.

“Motorcycle racers, like most athletes, need to be very, very physically fit and if we have a race weekend coming up where you are on track from Fridayto Sunday, we still need to be in the gym or training as late into the week as possible.

“Injury is always possible from exercise, and as a rider, the last thing you want it to pull or damage a muscle just before a race weekend, so it’s always in the back of your mind as you’re training.

“With Speedflex, you aren’t putting any extra strain on your body by using weights, so it eliminates the risk of injury. This equals peace of mind during training and means you can train all the way up to your event without worry.”

Speedflex was brought to the UK from the US by former NUFC footballer and physiotherapist Paul Ferris and The Sage Group founder, Graham Wylie, with a group training concept which uses a personal trainer and heart rate monitoring.

Regular group sessions are held at Speedflex under the supervision of an experienced trainer, and each client wears a heart rate monitor to assess their progress.

“While Speedflex is ideal for everyone, no matter their level of fitness, it really is perfect for sports people or anyone else who needs to be in peak fitness,” said Paul Ferris.

“People can train using their own body weight and because of the unique features of the system, they can be assured they won’t suffer any pain the next day from over straining or lifting something too heavy.”

Among the fans is former Newcastle United star turned pundit Alan Shearer, who can often be found using the machinery at the Jesmond centre, along with fellow football, rugby and other sports people.

“While it’s perfect for professionals, it’s just as effective for beginners for the same reasons, and it really isn’t unusual to see someone like Alan on the machines next to say a person in their 60s who is just getting back into exercising, or a total beginner,” added Paul.

“It’s a system which works for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness, and we just want to help people understand that contrary to what they say, there can be gain without the pain.”

Speedflex Jesmond is currently offering a range of options, with membership starting from £30 per month, a six week experience with unlimited access for £160, and day passes for £10.

For full information on all packages available, call Speedflex on 0844 543 3630 or visit the website: www.speedflex.com

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