• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

If you own a trades company, you’re probably still on the move and need to handle your schedules and work while on the road.

Trade Job Scheduling Software means that all of your contractors and tradies arrive at the correct location and on time. The software also helps you monitor your mobile staff, making it easier to delegate jobs to them.

With Trade Job Scheduling Software, you can easily and effectively manage and monitor your workforce, jobs, and projects.

Assign and Manage your Jobs from a Single Place

Job Management Software allows you to plan and control all of your work from a single location. Using the Drag and Drop function, you can easily delegate jobs to your employees, figure out who is available for work, and assign a specific job to the available worker. Using the Geo Planner, you can see where the field worker is at any given time, allowing you to delegate a new job to the worker nearest to the job site. This saves time and money on petrol.

Keep your Field Workers Updated with their Tasks

A Mobile App allows your field staff to view their work schedules from anywhere, at any time. Once jobs have been allocated, the employees can use the mobile app to view their schedules to see how many jobs have been assigned. Many of the delegated jobs’ data, including task details, timings, customer information, and job status, are synced from the time planner to the calendar. This encourages the field staff to keep up to date with their assignments and allow them to perform the tasks allocated to them on schedule.

Never Miss any Deadline

Trade Job Scheduling Software helps you to monitor the status of your work by getting real-time alerts. Via warnings, this system notifies you when a job is done, put on hold, or returned. The system’s Live Panel allows you to track the success of your field employees. You can determine how many hours they devote to job, how many assignments have been accomplished, and how many are pending. When a task is over, you can automatically submit it to the system for invoicing. This ensures that all tasks are completed on schedule and that no deadlines are missed.

Enhance the Coordination Between your Admin Team and Mobile Workforce

The software enables you to strengthen teamwork between your administrative personnel and your mobile workforce. All information from the Web System and the Mobile App is synced, allowing the admin staff and field employees to collaborate more effectively. Every action taken while using the software is immediately recorded in the system. For example, when a worker is making his way to the job site, adds documentation or photographs to the job, or receives customer acceptance, all of these activities completed with the smartphone app are instantly modified in the system.

Trade Job Scheduling Software is loaded with powerful job management features, such as monitoring and scheduling services, that can help you streamline and improve the efficiency of your company.

Switch to Trade Job Scheduling Software to streamline your trades company processes and save a lot of time and resources.