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Translation Of French Birth Certificate—Where To Get One?

A birth certificate implies the birth of a child. However, there is a broader concept involved. It can be of an adult or an elderly person who wishes to put their affairs in order. Yes, a birth certificate is proof of a person’s birth, but it relates to all ages. The birth certificate offers name, parent information, place and time of birth, etc. Some countries issue birth certificates at a provincial level, like Canada. In contrast, some counties, such as France, issue certificates at a municipal level. Therefore, you would require a translation of a French birth certificate issued by a French governing body at some part of your life.

Now the question arises where do you get this translation? You want it to be perfect since it will become part of your permanent record. The answer is simple; at Kings of Translations.

Kings of Translation Features:

Wide Translation Services

Kings of Translation has hired numerous linguistic experts to convert legal, medical, product leaflets, descriptions, and manufacturing guides into many languages. Kings of Translation is also very compassionate for the services it provides. Therefore, expect nothing short of perfection in the translation of French birth certificate. Our services are top-quality with a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate.

Expert Translators

Our experts also carry deep knowledge regarding the linguistic complexities of any language. Most of our translators are native speakers, so that comes with the territory. If that does not satisfy your curiosity, how about this? Kings of Translation provide further training and courses to polish the translation skills of our linguistic hires. These post-hiring services are especially beneficial for the translation of French birth certificate.

Certified Translations

Kings of Translation is exceptionally proud of internally trained translators since we only work with certified translators and interpreters. Kings of Translation requires which languages require certified translations at a local or national scale. Therefore, the documents translated by us do not require any notoriety. An attached affidavit will do a similar job.


Suppose you receive any translation of the French birth certificate with the name of translations mentioned on it, their contact information, or a blank promise of an affidavit, certification, or notoriety. In that case, it is doubtful it was performed by one of our translators. Our experts are well-trained in professional codes of conduct and ethical practices.

What Kings of Translation expects from you?

Kings of Translation expects original documents for the translation of French birth certificate. These can be high professional-grade scan copies to ensure the names, gender, and parentage is clearly visible. You can drop the files at our office or email them. Moreover, please provide the translated particulars in the same email if your name or other related information carries accents or special characters.

Kings of Translation offers the following timelines for translation services:

About Us

Follow Kings of Translation is on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can call us at +44 7588 074088. Our VAT registration code is GB 376914458. We practice complete transparency with our clients to build a long time business relationship.

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