Shipping items that are too large for courier to take can be quite challenging. Hiring a transport company on your own is often troublesome and pricey. Is there another way to find transport for large deliveries, such as furniture, household appliances or even cars? Thankfully – there is! You can always find shipping service on transport marketplace, such as Clicktrans.

How does it work?

A transport marketplace works a lot like popular auction websites, such as eBay. The first step is to list your items on Clicktrans – just give all the necessary details, such as route, dates, and dimensions of the delivery. Remember to add some photos of the items, so that the couriers know what they are dealing with. The whole process is free and should not take more than a few minutes. And then what? Just wait for the offers ? Transport providers registered on Clicktrans will quote on your listing and you’ll be able to choose the quote that suits you best.

While making the decision you can consider prices, but you don’t have to choose the cheapest offer. One of the most important factors to consider is also the courier’s reputation. Every transport provider registered on Clicktrans is verified before he or she can quote on listings. You can always visit the profile of the transport provider you are considering for the job and read the reviews left by his or hers previous customers. Nothing is more reliable when it comes to choosing the right courier.

Looking for a transport provider on a transport marketplace has one more advantage – you get to communicate directly with people who will be in charge of the transportation of your goods. Unlike with courier companies, there are no intermediaries here, you can negotiate and sort out all the details of the service directly with the driver. Thanks to the direct communication you can make sure even the most delicate loads will be transported professionally and with care. Such direct arrangements would not be possible with courier companies, where you have no contact with the person who will be delivering your load, apart from the last couple of hours before the delivery.

The ability to communicate with couriers is also very useful when it comes to taking care of all the necessary procedures, e.g. custom formalities when it comes to international transportation. You can ask necessary questions and transport providers will be happy to help, as it makes their job easier as well. On your listing’s page, there is a comment section, where you can post your questions and make use of the professional knowledge and experience of transport providers.

Ship anything you need – in reasonable prices

What kind of loads can you ship via Clicktrans? Any kind, really. Thanks to a large transport provider base you can be almost certain that you’ll find a courier able and willing to transport every type of load.  Transport providers are based all over Europe, so finding domestic and international transport should be just as easy and convenient.

In Clicktrans’ transport providers base, you will find couriers with vans, trucks, lorries, and much more. Does your load require a special kind of vehicle, like a refrigerator truck, logging truck, flatbed truck or even a car transporter? No matter – among thousands of transport providers registered on Clicktrans there are drivers with all kinds of vehicles at hand as well as with professional knowledge about safely shipping every type of load.

To get a better sense of how wide is the range of loads that can be transported with Clicktrans, just have a look at the available categories in which you can list your item. There are sections for heavy loads, such as cars, motorcycles, machinery and equipment, removals, pallets, furniture, and for loads in need of special care, for example, fragile goods or pets and sections for other, more common loads – like packages.

Transport providers often specialize in certain types of transportation, for example, removals, car or pallets transportation, and so on. This not only means that they will have all the necessary equipment but also that they can share with you their professional knowledge – about both shipping itself and preparing the load for shipment.

Moreover – you can count on a better price of the service than the price that you would get from a directly contacted transport company. How’s that possible? It’s simple – couriers registered on Clicktrans in most cases are looking for some extra loads, near the routes that they are going to travel anyway. If your delivery is taken as such extra load, you’ll only have to pay a part of the price of the service and therefore save lots of money. Transport with Clicktrans can be up to 60% cheaper than hiring a transport company on your own – and without giving up the high quality of the service.

Hiring a transport provider that is going to travel the same (or similar) route anyway has one more advantage – it helps to reduce empty runs. What does it mean exactly? It means that there can be less delivery vehicles in use, which substantially reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Of course, nothing is more ecological than buying locally, but we all know that it is not always an option. Using a transport marketplace allows you to choose a more ecological way of transportation without using the quality or efficiency of the service.

Clicktrans is an online transport marketplace founded in 2010. The company was founded in Poland as a solution for people in need of non-standard delivery service for loads that surpass the abilities of regular transport companies. The company operates in all of Europe and have websites dedicated for customers from the UK, Poland, Spain and Germany. Apart from the main platform,  the company’s employees also write a transport blog, where you’ll find prices of transportation on different routes and lots of tips about preparing your loads for shipment and transporting them safely.