We all have things that we want to do, which for some reason or other, our current living situation prevents us from doing. These items are known as Bucket List items. They can be as frivolous or as business-orientated as you like. Your Bucket List could include doing something extravagant like sky-diving, or it could be as practical as starting your own business. Regardless of what your bucket list involves, you need to work towards completing it. You need to complete these goals because if you don’t, you will leave this world having lived an unfulfilled life. So, stop making excuses, and start making plans! Only by making your bucket list a priority will you ever do what you want to do. To help you turn your dreams into reality, follow these top eight tips:  

  1. Write Down Your Bucket List



The first step to completing your bucket list is to write it down. You would be surprised at how real bucket list items can become simply by trying to define them. Further, it can help you solidify what exactly it is that you want to do. It’s particularly important if you have a feeling of what you want to do, but don’t know exactly what it is. Sometimes you can get caught up in what others are doing, and not enough in what you want to do. Writing it down will help you adjust and polish your bucket list.

2.  Evaluate Your Finances



Unfortunately, no bucket list can be completed without money because if you could do it for free, without at least travel costs, then why haven’t you done it already? Since most bucket list items do come with a price tag, the next step is to research how much they would cost. If the amount is less than you can save for in a year, you are good to go! However, it’s more likely that completing your bucket list (as it is now) will take a bit more financial planning. That’s why it’s time to make a budget and to start real savings goals.

3. Budget Appropriately



Some bucket list items do have a time stamp. In some cases, it is a closure, in other cases, it is whether or not you miss out on a deal. Either way, you need to budget so that you can reach these deadlines, and generally so that you can fulfil parts of your bucket list now, rather than save it all until it is too late. To do that, you need to put away money every month. How much will depend on your income, expenses, and of course when you want to do your first bucket list activity.

4. Get Your Friends Involved



Making a bucket list is fun and incredibly rewarding, but making it with those you care about can be so much better! Whether they are making your bucket list with you, or you make your bucket lists together, it doesn’t matter. What can be fun by yourself can be infinitely better with friends.

5. Start with An Easy One



When you finally have enough saved, both for the bucket list and for emergencies, it’s time to complete your first bucket list item. As this is likely not something you often do, you might find it more comfortable to do an easy bucket list item first. That way you can dip your toe in the water, before you do something big, like skydiving or backpacking Asia. Start with an easy bucket list item, and you’re well on your way to changing for the better.

6. Document the Journey



Our memories are not forever, and bucket list items are huge in our lives. That is why when you start creating your bucket list, document it. Take photos, videos, but most importantly, write it down. Memories fade with time, as we remember the recollection and not the actual event. Writing it down when it is fresh can allow you to relive the moment again and again, and the sheer act of curating your memories with narrative, photos, and videos can help you remember it better. It can also be a beautiful journal to pass on to your children and grandchildren, so that they may get to know the daredevil you once were!

7. Be Open to Discovering Yourself



The most important part about bucket lists is that they push your boundaries, and only when you step out of your comfort zone can you truly discover who you are and what you can do. That’s why, while you are completing your bucket list, you should also be open to trying new experiences and discovering yourself. Do things that you would never imagine yourself doing. Go out to that music festival, hire blonde escorts for the evening, go motorcycling, do what you have always wanted to do. Only by letting ourselves be open and by trying out what we desire can we truly know who we are.

8. Try New Things



To discover yourself, you have to try new things. In some cases, it also means learning new things. Learning about yourself and the world can be incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile. Research more, ask more questions and listen. Learn and have fun, and you’ll take so much from fulfilling your bucket list tasks that you will wonder why you haven’t done them before.

Your bucket list can change as you change, but you need to start by taking charge of it. You can add new items as you learn of them. What you want to do and what you want to try are not set in stone. The point is the journey. It is exploring life, and it is exploring the world. It is also one of the best ways to be fulfilled in this life. Don’t let opportunities pass you and don’t let life’s responsibilities get in the way. Stop making excuses. If there is a will, there is a way, and even simply planning to make your bucket list items into a reality can add a lot of joy and purpose to your life.