Do you ever find yourself just sitting and watching TV, immersed by the amazing scenes that you see?

Indeed, many movies and TV shows are popular due to the beauty of their set pieces. People are forever going online to find shooting spots for everything from The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones to Marvel movies and various other major hits. The reason why we love these scenes so much, though, is that we would deeply love to go and see them. How, though, do you work out where it is being shot?

With Tyre City, you can find this information out with a click of the fingers. With the help of Tyre City road maps, for example, you can easily find some amazing road trips to go on. Tyre City developed this idea with the simple idea of helping you to locate your most beloved moments from TV and from film. If you ever wanted to go and see the exact spots taken from the movie, you can do so today!

The aim of this, of course, is to simply let you see the movie spots and locations that you find the most impressive. This is a truly exciting opportunity for you to go around and see some amazing shots from around the world of media. Where, though, would you go and choose first if you had a choice?

For example, one of their most famous choices is their first offering, The Beach in Thailand. This would allow you to go and see a range of movie set pieces on this amazing beach around. You will arrive at The Memory at On On Hotel, Phuket. You’ll arrive and get to see some amazing shots from The Beach, one of the most enjoyable thriller films made in recent memory.

Inspiring yourself with a road trip

As mentioned above, both Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are two of the most enjoyable set pieces to watch due to the scenery. Well, now you can head to the two major shooting spots – New Zealand, and Northern Ireland. Other places include Dubrovnik in Croatia; a truly stunning city that is used for various parts of the Game of Thrones filming.

You will get to enjoy some amazing road trips by following on with this. You’ll also get to see some landmarks that are now etched out in history. Of course, this is only the beginning – think of all the amazing landmarks in movies and TV shows you would love to see in person.

From the dragon bones found in the Tatooine desert in Star Wars Episode IV to trips through some of the most famous sections of the United Kingdom used in Harry Potter, you have so many options to consider. Be sure to take a look at the road trip maps by Tyre City; they are almost certain to give you the excitement and the desire that you need to want to go on an epic exploration session. So, what are you waiting for? Where will you go and visit first from TV and cinema?