• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

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UK Safety Expert Arco shares Guidance on Flood Recovery after recent Storms

With heavy rainfall still predicted and water levels high following recent storms in many parts of the UK, safety expert Arco is sharing expert guidance on cleaning and sanitising after a flood. Recovery can be a lengthy and distressing experience for individuals and communities and Arco is supporting flood victims and those involved in the clear up operation, through a comprehensive flooding resource, which advises on how to clean up effectively and safely.

The impact of flooding can be devastating, not just because those affected experience the trauma of the event, but also the damage to the property, its contents and the effect on safety and hygiene standards. Flooding may also put employees at risk and stop work in its tracks, affecting productivity and livelihoods, so the clear up operation is critical.

When it is safe to return to the premises, the first action should be to assess all potential hazards. Hygiene should be prioritised as many health risks can arise, for example when waste water and flood water mix. For those working on the clear up, personal protection is crucial, not only to prevent infection from contaminated flood water but to help prevent other accidents such as slips and trips, ensuring the work is completely quickly and safely.

As a core funder to the National Emergencies Trust, Arco is proud to help the NET which is supporting the local flood response teams in addition to its flooding support resource. The aftermath of a flood can be overwhelming, so Arco has written a downloadable Expert Guide which advises on the best course of action. To download the guide, and view Arco’s product recommendations for flood prevention and clean-up, visit: https://www.arco.co.uk/expert_advice_flood_planning