• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


A UK scientist at the cutting edge of beating the problems associated with ageing, is one of only a handful of speakers from this country invited to present at a cutting edge international conference.

Dr Nichola Conlon, a molecular biologist specialising in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder, will be presenting at this year’s RAADFest in Las Vegas in October.

The festival is a worldwide gathering of professionals and those who believe aging – and death – could be preventable and is the opportunity for scientists from all disciplines to showcase what the future may hold.

Dr Conlon, who is based in Newcastle and is also the CEO of Nuchido, which is launching its first anti-ageing supplement this autumn, will be among speakers from across the globe at the event, which is the world’s largest gathering of “life extension” enthusiasts.

Every year the festival brings together scientists and experts at the forefront of improving health span and longevity, with thousands of interested people attending from more than 30 countries.

Dr Conlon will be talking about improving NAD+ levels – a molecule in cells that regulates ageing.

Through her work – backed by some of the most prestigious names in ageing science –  she has been able to show that NAD+ could be boosted back to levels associated with people much younger, with improved energy and vitality levels to match.

This science has now been applied to a supplement range – Nuchido TIME + – which will go on sale this autumn.

“RAADFest is widely recognised as one of the leading events in the world for anyone interested in anti-ageing,” said Dr Conlon.

“And I’m absolutely honoured to be asked to be one of the speakers, so I can showcase the ground breaking work that Nuchido has been doing and the results we have achieved.”

For further information about Nuchido visit www.nuchido.com