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UK wide survey reveals North East attitudes to the High Street


Dec 18, 2023

High streets are a cherished element of British communities. They are the places we meet friends, natter with familiar faces, and make memories. But our favourite thoroughfares have had a tough time lately, so Legal & General asked 2,015 UK adults how they feel about the past, present and future of the Great British High Street.

The survey reveals a notable trend in high street engagement, particularly in the North East region, where 28% of respondents make weekly visits. This statistic underscores the high street’s pivotal role in the lives of local residents, reflecting a consistent and routine connection.

Convenience emerges as a key factor shaping perceptions of the high street, with a significant 41% of respondents expressing satisfaction with its accessibility. This finding highlights the importance of convenience in influencing the preferences and behaviours of the surveyed individuals.

When it comes to high street routines, 40% North East of respondents identified supermarkets as their most frequented destination, emphasising the central role these establishments play in the local shopping landscape.

Exploring the positive aspects of local high streets, a noteworthy 31% of North East respondents voiced contentment with the current mix of businesses and services available. This sentiment suggests a general satisfaction with the variety and quality of offerings on their high streets, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Examining specific business types, the survey found that 40% of North East respondents frequently visit supermarkets, indicating a consistent consumer interest in these establishments. Furthermore, 28% reported charity shops as their preferred destination, underscoring the appeal of thrift shopping and the cultural significance of these outlets in the community.

Although the landscape of the Great British High Street has evolved significantly from its historical roots, with the tales of butchers, bakers, and candlestick-makers, Legal & General’s survey underscores the enduring strength and resilience of the foundations underpinning these beloved community hubs.

Denz Ibrahim, Head of Retail and Futuring, Legal & General Investment Management Real Assets notes “At Legal & General, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to understanding the sentiments and aspirations of the communities we collaborate with. We recognise that high streets are not just about transactions; they are about creating vibrant, multifaceted community spaces.”Through embracing a place-based approach, our commitment to fostering high streets as vibrant community hubs goes hand in hand with strategically integrating essential anchors – like healthcare, education, and workspaces to create inclusive and enduring destinations.

“While there is still work to be done to fully realise the ultimate vision for high streets, it’s encouraging to see the survey results confirming Brits’ continued affection and appreciation for them. We will persist in our efforts to enhance and preserve the unique character of the British high street, making it a vibrant and inclusive place for people to gather, connect, and create lasting memories.”

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