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Mexico is a famous country in North America, with a population of 128 million. Definitely, it is a good place to meet new people. If you are planning on a vacation but not sure about the country to choose, then Mexico might just be the answer. There are lots of beautiful things to see in the country. Also, Mexicans are good loving people which is one of the reasons a lot of tourists do visit yearly

Don’t be deceived by what you see on the map, because exploring Mexico is like exploring the whole of Europe. If you are planning to spend a few days in Mexico, then it’s best to visit some of the popular cities to enjoy what Mexico has to offer to tourists like you. Choosing where to go deals with setting your priorities right. Visiting Mexico will be one of the best decisions ever because you will definitely appreciate everything in the country.


One of the best places to fly to is Cancun for vacation. It is a beautiful city that has a lot of jaw-dropping locales. One of the places to visit is Chichen Itza. It would be nice to visit this destination as early as possible so as to beat the crowd. In Chichen Itza you have the opportunity to explore mother nature and local cultural experience; you would see the ancient  chacmools of the northern ruins, El Castillo, the pyramid of Kukulcan, Temple of warriors, The hall of thousand columns, The sacrificial waters, The wall of skulls and many more. All of these will make your trip an entertaining one.


Another stop is the city of Merida.  This beautiful city is known as the “white city” due to the numerous white buildings. The early people who live in the city before now believe in dressing in white, therefore naming the city of Merida white city. The city of Merida is the financial and cultural center of Yucatan


This is another city that is known for its beauty. There are lots of ethnic groups in the city of Oaxaca with different indigenous languages. Visiting this city will teach you more about the Mexican culture. There are a lot of restaurants here that will quench your hunger. Monte Alban is a locale in the city that attracts a lot of tourists yearly; visit the destination to meet new people.


To enjoy your stay in Mexico, it is very important that you visit this city because it has all the beautiful places that will make your visit a memorable one. There are lots of restaurants, hotels, and presents to make you feel at home. There are a few parks that will make your kids don’t want to go back home. Also, if you are the type that does not just with body exercise, then you won’t have any regret whatsoever choosing Mexico since there are lots of gym centers in the city


If you love beaches, then this is a perfect place for you. Make sure your beach wears are ready. This could be a nice place to go with family and friends because the beaches have a gorgeous natural surrounding with a buzzing nightlife that is budget friendly.  There are lots of hotels in the city that provide customers with maximum satisfaction. They tend to provide customers with free services, some of which are, free laundry services, free Wi-Fi, parking space, and lots more. visiting Puerto Escando will make your trip a fulfilled one.

If you are planning to visit Mexico, then you should confirm if your country is among the Visa Waiver Countries.  You will need the ESTA application if your country is among the few countries under the visa waiver program. The question, “do I need an estate if I have a visa?” can be answered if your country is among the 38 Visa Waiver. To be on a safe side, it’s better to check if one is eligible to prevent story that touch. If your country is not among, then you will need a visa to gain access into the country.

Mexico is a country of sport; thus if you are a lover of football and other sports, Mexico will be a perfect country for you and your kids. To enjoy your stay in Mexico, visit during the summer because the weather would be friendly


There are different transportation means, which includes the use of bus, bicycle, train, and plane.  You can always hire a car if you can drive, but it is better to go with the public means of transportations since they are cheap and safe.

Never forget to go shopping. There are malls in every city of the country with both foreign and locally made goods.


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