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Unravelling BPSS and DBS: Are They the Same?

ByDave Stopher

Oct 13, 2023
Are bpss and dbs the same check

In short, BPSS and DBS are distinct from each other. While a DBS might be incorporated within a BPSS check as part of the verification steps, they serve different purposes.

When seeking employment, you might be presented with the option of undergoing a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or a Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) assessment.

Given the influx of queries we receive on this topic, we felt it was crucial to clarify the distinctions between the two.

Delving into DBS

A DBS examination essentially sifts through the Disclosure and Barring Service database to highlight if the candidate has any previous convictions or is flagged with any of the three types of referrals.

This kind of check is vital for roles that involve interactions with minors or vulnerable individuals. For instance, it’s a regular protocol for educational staff.

A basic-level DBS omits any ‘spent’ convictions. Conversely, standard, enhanced, and the enhanced with barred categories encompass more details, each tailored to specific job scenarios.

Shedding Light on BPSS

BPSS is one among four pivotal security benchmarks tailored for governmental staff. The other three are Security Check (SC), Developed Vetting (DV), and Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC).

Primarily, BPSS caters to Civil Servants, Armed Forces members, contractual workers, and temporary staff, ensuring adherence to foundational security measures. It’s also relevant in sectors like communication, finance, and energy, primarily within governmental entities.

A BPSS assessment encompasses:

  • Identity validation
  • Ascertainment of nationality and immigration status
  • Scrutiny of employment trajectory
  • Examination of unspent criminal records
  • Verification of employment gaps

Thus, while a DBS might suffice for the criminal records portion of a BPSS, it doesn’t equate to a full BPSS due to the absence of the other four verifications.

To draw an analogy: consider the difference between a toolkit and a singular tool, like a hammer. A hammer might be part of a toolkit, but it doesn’t represent the entirety. Similarly, while a DBS might be one method to probe for unspent convictions, alternatives like Disclosure Scotland might be employed in certain contexts.

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