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Use Clearabee Skip Hire to Recycle your Rubbish

ByDave Stopher

Jun 2, 2019 #Business

In the UK an estimated eight million tonnes of rubbish are sent to landfill sites each year. Most of it contains a mixture of valuable materials that could be recovered and recycled to save and produce energy. By using the flexible skip hire service from Clearabee you’ll gain all the advantages of effortless recycling at a cost-effective price.


Advantages of using Clearabee Skip Hire


  • Ecological – Clearabee recycle up to 95% of your skip’s contents
  • Effortless – There’s no need to sort your rubbish as Clearabee do it for you
  • Choice of Skips – Traditional metal or innovative fabric Beebags
  • Fast Delivery – You’ll receive your skip or Beebag within twenty-four hours
  • Flexible Collection – Arrange a date that gives you time to fill your skip
  • Labour Saving – Let Clearabee pull your rubbish to the kerb
  • Fixed Price – Know in advance exactly how much you’ll pay
  • Accessible – Clearabee serve throughout the UK
  • Great Reputation – Friendly, fast and reliably efficient service

Choosing the right Skip Hire from Clearabee


Metal Skip – The traditional solution for heavier loads containing a variety of materials such as rubble, soil, bricks and timber. It’s ideal for renovation work or demolishing your shed.


Fabric Beebag – An ecological skip that’s perfect for bulky but lightweight rubbish. It’s just what you need when decluttering every corner of your home.


Find out More about the Clearabee Beebag


It’s available in several sizes but each one is roomy, tough and easy to use. When you order one you’ll receive it as a neatly folded package through your regular postal service. If you’re not quite ready to start clearing out, it can be easily stored for a while. You have a whole year before your guaranteed collection expires. This means you can declutter at a nice, relaxed pace to suit your own timing and schedule. The Beebag is made from thick, robust fabric that is recycled at the end of its useful life. It’s easy to unfold and has strong fabric handles to help you manoeuvre it to where it will be of the most use. When it’s full simply arrange a suitable collection date. You don’t even have to pull it to the kerbside. Your friendly Clearabee team are happy to provide a full service.


Excellent Recycling


Whatever Clearabee collect from your home they’ll sift through it to extract everything that can be recycled. They’re so successful their recycling rate has increased to 95%. Here are just a few of the valuable resources they recycle:


  • Cardboard and paper


  • Metals including copper, stainless steel and aluminium


  • Fabrics from natural leather, wool and cotton to polyester and acrylics


  • Plastic of all types including toys and bottles


  • Wood and chipboard


  • Glass


  • Ceramics


Clearabee – A Great Reputation


For the best skip hire in the UK you have to choose Clearabee. Their fast, efficient service saves you time, effort and money. You’ll also save recyclable resources from being wasted in an overflowing landfill site. Whatever type of rubbish you want to clear out, Clearabee have the perfect solution. And if you decide that metal or fabric skip hire might be too large or unsuitable, opt instead for their convenient, same day Man and Van collection service.



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