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Valkyrie Racing Reveals its Ice Challenge 356 — With the Challenge to End Child Trafficking

ByDave Stopher

Dec 22, 2021 #VALKYRIE

Completely Re-Engineered Vintage Porsche 356 Will Accomplish More than 356 Miles on Ice

DENVER, CO – October 25, 2021 — Valkyrie Racing’s upcoming ‘Project 356 World Rally’ ice challenge has hit the perfect trifecta when it comes to extreme.  From racer and philanthropist Renee Brinkerhoff who is spearheading the completion of her 7th continent of endurance racing, coupled with a humanitarian effort to combat child trafficking — to Jason de Carteret, famed world-record holder in polar exploration, serving as her navigator (with more than 50 expeditions under his belt) — and finally, to the completely re-engineered 1956 Porsche 356A vintage vehicle that has been transformed with solar panels and a crevasse bar to sympathetically traverse Antarctica’s challenging terrain and withstand the severe weather conditions.  The impending 356-mile ice trek, scheduled to begin December 5, 2021, will mark the conclusion of a near 20,000-mile commitment to pursue the ultimate endeavor by one woman, one car and one global mission to end child trafficking.

In nearly a decade, Brinkerhoff has established a podium-finishing name in rallies such as the notorious La Carrera Panamericana, while founding a successful non-profit, Valkyrie Gives, to provide much needed funds to support pre-vetted shelters within remote areas including China, Mongolia, Peru, India and Kenya. Each contribution received goes directly to education, rescue, and restoration for child trafficking survivors, and continues to foster awareness that can help to end the global issue.

According to Brinkerhoff, Valkyrie Racing has generated exposure to bring to the forefront one of the darkest and most dangerous illegal industries. “Our racing efforts have given us a voice on a global platform to put an end to child trafficking.” said Brinkerhoff. By racing our ’56 Porsche in extreme rallies that have never seen this type of vehicle before, we are a unique anomaly and use this recognition to give a voice to put an end to child trafficking.

Her personal involvement includes her selection by a U.S. based NGO to be part of a carefully vetted group of volunteer operatives that partake in global undercover assignments. Each mission aids local area police in evidence gathering with a goal to rescue and restore victims, including children who are sex trafficked, and to prosecute their traffickers. Brinkerhoff has already participated in operations in Southeast Asia and Latin America.


After more than 18-months of re-engineering the road-going vintage Porsche 356 for Valkyrie Racing’s coldest and most dangerous endeavor, UK-based Senior Chassis Design Engineer Kieron Bradley has succeeded in creating a one-of a-kind ice machine — it’s an engineering marvel. With reinforcements to the chassis ranging from aesthetics to safety and environmental considerations, a combination of skis, tracks and a crevasse bar with a dual-sided solar panel are the outward retrofits first noticed, with a particularly bold and aggressive design for the overall exterior.

But according to Bradley, not only do the skis make a good looking technologically advanced statement, but they were specifically designed to be supported by all the other components to make less of an impact on the snow than a footprint.  “The ski and track combination increase the flotation by as much as 300 percent when compared to Antarctic 4×4 support vehicles on 42” tires – and the 356 will be gliding and leading the tracks throughout the entire journey.”

Significant retrofits include:

  • Crevasse bar that supports dual-sided solar panel (reflecting both sun and snow)
    • Twin solar panels to product a minimum of 150W at peek saturation
  • Roll cage TIG welded/T45 material
  • Rear track suspension mount frame TIG welded T45
  • Track bearing system running Dupont Krytox low temp grease
  • 12V low temperature compressor
  • 4-ton bag jack to lift vehicle in soft snow
  • Rear engine frame winch point
  • Temperature gauge for early gearbox overheat detection
  • Ability for occupant to have rear window exit option
  • Accessibility from with the cabin area to reach survival dress, water, and communication equipment

Technical Considerations:

  • Design must accommodate the fitting of pre-approved spiked ice tires with no wheel alignment change
  • Operational temperature range -50°C to +55°C
  • Vehicle must use original rally-prepared suspension and steering system with only complementary suspension to control the tracks
  • Use of simple hand tools is only permitted on the ice to constrain running tool mass
  • Crevasse Bar to not impair driver vision
  • All track and ski fitment to be accomplishable by one person
  • Recommended speed for component durability 40k mph
  • 2psi maximum ground pressure at 50mm soft snow depth


Valkyrie Racing/Valkyrie Gives has created the ability for a community of supporters worldwide to join them in Antarctica and be part of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience.  The name of each donor who contributes a minimum of $356 will be inscribed inside the hood of the car, receive a photograph of their name, and an exclusive ‘Antarctica Ice Challenge 356’ hat to commemorate their involvement.  Donations can be made directly to www.valkyrieracing.com/donate356 .


Learn more about the exciting story of Valkyrie Racing/Valkyrie Gives and follow Renee Brinkerhoff and her team’s progress on the website at www.valkyrieracing.com , through Instagram @valkyrie_racing or @valkyrieracing on Facebook.   Lead sponsor for Valkyrie Racing’s Antarctica Ice Challenge will be PXG, the global golf research and development powerhouse founded by American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons – underscoring the company’s commitment to taking extreme measures in the name of performance and, more importantly, providing hope.


Valkyrie Gives is a non-profit 501 (c)3 formed to aid women and children at risk – with a special focus of ending the human tragedy of child trafficking.  Valkyrie Gives provides their donors with the confidence that 100% of their gift is going directly to a vetted and proven project that will positively impact the lives of children at risk.

All administrative and other expenses associated with Valkyrie Gives are funded entirely by Valkyrie Racing.


Founded by entrepreneur and self-proclaimed golf nut Bob Parsons, PXG embodies his belief that every new product – from golf clubs to apparel – should be noticeably better. Every innovation should improve your performance. And every moment of impact should elevate your enjoyment.

PXG offers a complete lineup of right- and left-handed golf clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters, as well as high-performance, sport fashion apparel and accessories. To learn more, visit www.PXG.com.