Learning to drive is an important step in everybody’s lives. Finally, getting your own driving license opens up a whole world of opportunities. The freedom and independence that being able to drive legally can transform your life and are a huge step towards becoming an adult. With the price of public transport rising all the time, more and more people are looking at qualifying to drive. This has brought huge opportunities for new driving schools to open up to take advantage of all this new business. Opening a new driving school can be very simple as long as you follow the right steps.

This article is a guide to how to open your very own driving school business.

1. Get the Right Qualifications

The key to a successful driving school is the quality of the instructors. Like any teacher, a good driving instructor is knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and hard working. Different states have different requirements when it comes to the qualifications that driving instructors need to make sure that you have checked the local laws and regulations in your area of operation to ensure that your instructors are qualified to do the job. Usually, they need to have passed their own special exam to be licensed as a driving instructor, and that exam requires written and practical tests as well as a certain number of years of driving experience. If you already have the qualification, then you can start out small, just offering private lessons yourself. As your demand starts to increase, hire other skilled drivers, and take your business to the next level. 

2. Obtain the Correct Insurance

Every small and large new business, no matter what its field of the industry, requires the right kind of insurance. For driving schools, in particular, insurance for businesses is particularly important because there are so many things that could potentially go wrong. Driving schools, by their very nature, have more inherent risks than other businesses because the customers are inexperienced and prone to making potentially damaging or dangerous mistakes. Your insurance should cover both your vehicles and other vehicles on the road, as well as the health and lives of your students and other road users.

3. Purchase Some Reliable Vehicles 

Learning to drive is difficult enough as it is without attempting to do it in an unreliable vehicle that is difficult to drive. Your biggest expenditure when starting out is most likely to be your vehicles as you will find it very hard to attract new customers if your entire fleet of learner vehicles are all rusted old bangers. In most places, these days, vehicles that are being used for driving instruction require a separate set of pedals on the passenger’s side. This is so that your instructors can perform an emergency stop or take control of the car in case the student is driving into a potentially dangerous situation. Find out the laws where you plan to open up your school and then purchase some quality cars to get your business up and running. In the US, the majority of people learn to drive automatic cars, but this isn’t the case in many places in the world. Find out what your customers want and buy appropriately.

There is a lot of money to be made from a successful driving school business. This is an industry which is always growing and especially now with the concerns about taking public transport as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking to learn how to drive. With such a large pool of potential customers, if you take the right steps to set up your driving school, you can make some serious profits. Follow this guide, and you can steam ahead in top gear.