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Warehouse Efficiency

Setting up and maintaining a well-laid out and organised warehouse can help save your business time and money. Plus, it can ensure a safe working environment for warehouse operatives. It is worth investing in high quality warehouse equipment and storage solutions.

Warehouse Automation

High quality, modern facilities that are available for UK warehouses include high-quality equipment as well as automated solutions. Robots, AI and automated processes can help perform the more tedious warehouse tasks, thus freeing up employees to perform other duties. It has been reported that there is a shortage of warehouse drivers in the UK – this too has led to an increased demand for warehouse automation. From saving costs to reducing errors, automation offers huge benefits when it comes to both productivity and finances. It is becoming increasingly popular in storage and logistics facilities across the UK and truly is the way of the future.

Getting the Basics Right

The optimal layout for your warehouse depends on the type of goods that it stocks. For moving larger products and boxes, lifting and stacking machinery such as electric pallet trucks, hoists, and cranes are essential. Locating popular or fast moving goods nearer to exits for loading onto trucks or sending for delivery will naturally help to speed up the movement of inventory. Clear signage and guidance will also support logistics and the movement of goods in and out of a warehouse.

Transporting small, lightweight items can often be performed with equipment such as conveyor tables and transport rollers. Other factors that can help impact and improve warehouse operation include setting up an office space – for this take a look at our tips for choosing a warehouse office space – as well as the following ideas and guidelines:

Reviewing your warehouse set-up at least once a year is also recommended. Identifying bottlenecks and optimising the layout and work processes that are in place depending on business needs will help ensure that your warehouse is running as efficiently as possible. As business needs are constantly evolving, reviewing your storage solutions and warehouse logistics will allow your business to perform at its best behind the scenes. This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and smoother workflows overall.

Automate Where Possible

Warehouse operations that can be automated include the movement of goods in and out of storage, barcode scanning, labelling, and inventory retrieval. Automated processes generally have a lower error rate and are more efficient than when performed by people. A lot of tedious tasks can be automated which is generally welcomed by employees, leaving workers with more time and resources for more interesting and fruitful tasks. Lower errors rates, greater safety measures and higher customer satisfaction are among the advantages of automation reported by many warehouse managers.

There are lots more ideas available in our guide to making your warehouse more efficient. Since the COVID pandemic, many UK businesses and organisations have shifted towards an online, e-commerce model. The importance of brick and mortar stores is declining while the importance of warehouse storage solutions is increasing. With this in mind, it is worth investing in high quality warehouse equipment that will support safe, efficient and smooth running workflows that will support business growth and development long into the future.

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