The use of videos for marketing is not a new technique; however, its use has increased manifold over the past few years. Video marketing is a highly successful revenue-generating method for marketing.

Video marketing has the ability to:

  • Entice potential clients to your business.
  • Introduce your eCommerce business to the public.
  • Convert potential clients into paying customers.

When consumers buy things online, they want to see the product and how it works, find out its advantages, and read reviews.

Even if you’ve invested in high-quality product photographs, written captivating product descriptions, and even acquired product evaluations, nothing beats an entertaining video for describing and selling your product.

If potential buyers can understand how a product works, its benefits, and why previous customers are raving about it, they are more likely to buy your product. So, you need to use an appropriate online video editor to design and create video marketing videos.

Why should eCommerce invest in video marketing?

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to video marketing.

According to HubSpot, 78% of Americans view web videos at least once a week, and 55% watch them every day.

This demonstrates that the vast majority of individuals view videos on the internet daily.

This significantly impacts how users engage with the material, absorb information, make purchasing decisions, and distribute content around the web. Through videos, you can be assured that customers will see your eCommerce brand and products.


How can you leverage video marketing to increase eCommerce sales?

Only your imagination limits the possibility of your video content ideas.

As an eCommerce platform, you’re likely to sell a variety of items, each of which might be promoted in a variety of ways, the most important way being videos.

Here are a few examples of different types of videos you can make to captivate potential clients and boost sales online.


Short video content

To create compelling marketing videos, you don’t need an expensive camera or a video production staff. Producing high-quality videos with your computer or smartphone is now easier than ever.

Through videos, you can answer typical consumer queries, discuss what makes your business special, or announce the launch of a new product. You can plan out your video content with a screenplay, an offer, and a distribution strategy similar to how you would plan out your digital marketing campaign.

Short, simple, and real films are sometimes the most effective for gaining potential clients’ trust, and there is no need for extra frills. All you have to do now is put your best foot forward.

Product review videos

People can read reviews and evaluations of your products on numerous websites; however, nothing beats video testimonials for persuasion.

For one thing, it’s considerably more difficult to fabricate testimonials and reviews, so prospective buyers are more inclined to believe the evaluations are genuine.

Furthermore, watching videos is far more fascinating than reading evaluations on the internet. Users will be enticed to buy from your eCommerce business after seeing the smiles on your clients’ faces.

Product manual videos

Nobody enjoys reading a long product manual or product handbook. You can offer clients product setup and installation videos to explain better how to set up a new product.

Users are often looking for information regarding the products they already own. Having videos based on their most popular inquiries is excellent for SEO, which will increase traffic to your eCommerce business or YouTube channel.

Storytelling videos

You can also use your videos to communicate your personal or product narrative. Audiences respond well to these kinds of videos. Today’s buyer is increasingly concerned about the origins of items, how they are made/built, the materials they are made of, the workers’ wellbeing, and the ethical way items are sourced. So, these are all fascinating topics to add to any product narrative movie.

If you’re thinking about relating a brand narrative, the same rules apply – what drives your brand, who, how, what, and why you do what you do should be highlighted. People are becoming more interested in purchasing from businesses with strong mission statements and that are active in social and environmental problems.

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos and new product unboxing videos are quite popular on the internet. Indeed, some people make a great deal of money on these videos by attracting massive audiences. This is an excellent trend to get on board with and, if feasible, implement into your video strategy.

You can either partner with relevant influencers or do it yourself by exhibiting the product unpacking experience. These kinds of videos have helped boost sales for several shops. Using unique packaging is another great approach to draw attention to your business, making it Instagrammable and something people want to share.

Comparison videos

Your consumers are typically hesitant to make transactions online. While the reasons for this may vary, many people are overwhelmed by the number of product options available to them. This may make it difficult for them to make a final judgment on which items are most suited to their needs.

It’s your responsibility to take away their anxiety and equip them with the knowledge they need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a possible purchase.

Tutorial videos

Unlike product overview videos, which emphasize the qualities of a product in broad strokes, a product instructional video shows how a client may utilize the product with step-by-step instructions. The majority of these training videos are generally animated eCommerce tutorials.

These product films are beneficial when dealing with skeptics who are concerned about being disappointed or dissatisfied when using the product.

Most significantly, organizations may ensure client success when they utilize a product with the help of training videos. It will spare a company from dealing with disgruntled consumers and provide the customer care personnel one less thing to deal with.


Videos will take up more of your time and money. Despite this, over 89% of video marketers are pleased with the return on investment that video content delivers.

While we all know how great marketing videos are in increasing eCommerce sales, using the proper video on the right websites may help you take your video marketing to the next level. By learning about your audience and deploying strategic and diversified video content on your eCommerce website, you will notice a rise in customer engagement, revenue, and brand loyalty for years to come.