Co-ords are now a go-to outfit for anyone that loves hopping on the trend and choosing what’s the best buy in the market. It’s also convenient to buy and saves you time and energy. However, you might wonder “What’s the best way to use them?” “Can I just pick anything and wear it?” We will provide you with answers as you read further and give you the best guide in your outside wear. So tune in and look good as we give you the best tips!

  • Know What Fits

First thing’s first, know what fits. Choose the right colors and the right sets of your co ords by knowing the shades that go well and the designs that do not look like they are too much for an outfit. It is also a general idea that your sweatpants go well with your cropped tops and those fit long sleeves. Lately, baggy clothes have been a trend among the youth as we can observe on social media like Tiktok and Instagram, and although it looks good and makes you look warm, take note that it only fits casual wear. Co-ords are at their best form when they are thought about, especially for important events. One of the basics of co- ords is to know if you’re in for the casual or formal look and then add some spice in your color, if you love neutrals, you can pick a pair of brown trousers and a white blouse and you will be good to go!

  • Set Your Tone

Setting your tone does not mean just choosing what color fits best for your skin tone. But also, it means knowing what should go well with the environment. If you are out for a late-night party, you would probably prefer looking with much glamour, and if you just want to go out for a coffee date with a friend, you can choose to wear your favorite neutral colors or black and white.

  • Glam Up

Accessories are your friend when it comes to co ords. It can either be the shiny or subtle ones depending on your outfit and your style of comfort. When you choose to go for the minimalistic look, we suggest you pick subtle accessories that are plain looking and simple. One example would be picking a simple beret hat with your monochromatic co-ords. Other than this, you can also glam up with shiny bracelets and necklaces if you are ready to party with your silver set. Even so, do not be afraid to set the trend and pick options that you think would be best for you!

  • Don’t Overdo it

Some co ords already have designs and patterns printed on them. Putting too many accessories or adding designs to your outfit might overdo it and will ruin its look. The best way to style it is to match it depending on its patterns and prints. If it has already too many prints in it, it’s best to just add some style by finding the perfect pair of shoes rather than accessorizing.

It may seem a lot to consider when you want a perfect look for your co ords. But really, it’s just about finding a steady look that does not contrast each other and fashion it with things that are available to you. Also, some co ords are already designed and prepared for your easy wear and convenience, it’s up to you how to set a trend or go with what’s conventional. 6 Euros Coupon for Allylikes new users without threshold. Don’t forget to use discount codes NEWUK at the checkout. Your options are endless out there! So go get your perfect set and wear it in style!