Facing the world is much easier with a smile that looks good and with proper oral hygiene. White and bright teeth can have more than a positive impact on your confidence and how people may perceive you as an extension. Nothing can hit quite as hard as not having that perfect teeth appearance. 

That also applies if you are plagued with strains. They sometimes can simply make you feel there is nothing worth smiling about. Thankfully, there are many ways one can do to achieve those pearly white teeth of your dreams. This is the advice on how especially if you want to have that shine as fast as possible. 

Whitening Toothpaste

All dentists would agree that there is no shortage of whitening toothpaste on the market and that they actually work. Even if only the surface strains are being removed and not actually the color of your teeth is being changed, the effect is what matters. 

Easy to use and inexpensive. Whitening toothpaste is less likely to cause any sensitivity that may come with other more intensive methods and that is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to use for most people. The effects can be seen in a couple of weeks. 

Whitening Kit

One of the fastest ways to whiten your teeth is by using whitening kits. They consist of an LED light device and a gel which is made of bleach. The substance should be placed on teeth directly or inside the mold, depending on the manufacturer. The treatment would use blue lights and peroxide. A stain that was layered down on your teeth would break down as a result. Professionals at Advance Whitening would state that this effective teeth whitening product can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades in five days. It is also quite easy to use. After applying the gel, all you would need to do is insert the mold inside of your mouth. Usually, the whole treatment would last for around 20 minutes. Have in mind that it should be wise to always read instructions before using a home whitening kit and that the bleaching gel should not be swallowed. Thus, it is important to rinse. 


Stick-on strips are also one of the popular options that can whiten your teeth even in the home environment. They have the same bleaching agent that is used in many professional whitening treatments. 

Hydrogen peroxide is in smaller doses and it does not remain isolated on teeth as it would in-office whitening, however, they can do the job pretty well. Noticeable results can be seen fast since the strip remains in contact with teeth long enough. 

Strips are an affordable and quick option. Whitening toothpaste can be paired up with white strips in case you would like to get the best possible result. It would be wise to remember that the way to use the product should be exactly as it would be stated in the manual. 

Dentist Treatment

Undoubtedly, the most effective whitening results can be obtained by doing a professional bleaching treatment. The reason is because of the super-high hydrogen peroxide concentration. Good results can be achieved from products purchased at the counter, let alone in the dentist’s office. The home whitening kit is inspired by this procedure. 

A special UV light is used alongside the gel. The temperature is being increased for the breakdown of peroxide which helps to lighten the teeth faster. Even though teeth may be sensitive afterward, there is no need to worry since the feeling will pass in a couple of days. People that have sensitive gums should also not be so worried. A special shield is being used and it ensures to protect the tissue from the bleaching agent. 

Have in mind that in case you have any kind of tooth decay or cavity, this option is not recommended. The same would apply if you were thinking about bleaching your veneers or crowns, it simply won’t work. It would be wise to have a conversation with your dentist to see whether this method is good for you or not. 

Yellow or dingy grain stains are a thing of the past when using these fast methods. As people age, some common drinks, foods, and some mouthwashes can stain teeth. Thankfully, having those perfectly bright teeth with no discoloration like those TV personalities is possible to achieve, sometimes, without visiting your dentist at all. Following one of these advice can make you glisten and assist in your wish to have that flawless smile.