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‘We definitely have more time because of clixifix®’ – Metropolitan Thames Valley

Metropolitan Thames Valley (MTVH) has been delighted with defect management software specialists clixifix® as their implementation has allowed them to have more time to focus on complex issues. 

As a provider of affordable housing for people living in London, the South East, East Midlands and East of England, MTVH needed a system in place to allow them to communicate with multiple locations and teams. 

clixifix® have given them a platform to efficiently contact customers remotely and comprehensively report projects and issues. 

With a system in place, MTVH now has time to focus on a deeper level of customer service and free up head space for complex defect management. 

Head of New Homes Services, Michelle Mansfield says “Being able to integrate clixifix® into our systems has been hugely positive. The team at clixifix® have been very supportive and they put customer service at the forefront of everything. 

“clixifix® has undoubtedly saved us time, it has given us the opportunity to explore more complex defect management issues. Using the rich data provided by clixifix® it has allowed us to make more data driven decisions.”

Michelle also adds that working with the clixifix® team has been very smooth: “We’ve had regular meetings and have built great working relationships with everyone at clixifix®. Everything happens refreshingly quickly.”

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