Dance goes way back to the earliest civilizations and communities and has been a part of every culture since then. However, with the evolution of mankind, there has been a significant number of changes in the way of dancing as well.

Dance floors are known to be sweaty for a reason. It’s mainly because dance demands quite a lot of output of energy. Not everyone is naturally talented to dance, some people have to develop this skill by working hard on it. If you’re one of those people who love to dance but are not able to pull it off quite well, don’t worry, you can join any good dance academy like FG Dance Academy and master the skill.

Popular Styles of Dance

A number of different styles of dance exist and each one has its own set of style, skills and music. Let’s have a brief overview of some of these popular styles of dance.


Ballet dance is often indicated as the backbone of dance and the fundamentals of ballet are also used in almost all other styles of dance as well. There are mainly three further classifications of ballet that include classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet. Ballet dance is often used to tell a story and it relies heavily on technique and also requires an enormous amount of dedication to master it.


Jazz is considered to be a quite energetic and fun style of dance as it usually has quick footwork, unique moves and also a lot of leaps and turns. When coupled up with upbeat music like hip-hop, jazz adds a theatrical touch to any performance. Jazz dancers also have the liberty to express their personality via their dance performances.


Tap dance is generally popular due to the type of shoes that are worn by the dancers. These special shoes are made with metal taps on the soles allowing them to produce drum-like rhythmic patterns and sounds during the performance. As discussed above, the major focus in this style of dance is on the feet, however, upper bodies and arms are also used uniquely by the dancers in order to blend the movement of their dance routine.


As the name indicates, hip-hop is the style of dance that is done on hip-hop music. One of the most popular and well-known types of hip-hop dance goes by the name of break dancing. However, some other classifications of hip-hop dance include locking, krumping and popping.

Hip-hop is said to be very different when compared with other styles of dancing. A hip-hop dance performance is generally full of energy and the dancer also has the freedom of movement during the dance routine which also allows him to incorporate his personality.


The ballroom is the style of dance that requires a partner, and, in most cases, the pair should include a male and a female. Due to the interaction between the two dance partners, the ballroom also goes by the name of “social dance”. Some popular classifications of ballroom dance include Cha Cha, paso doble, foxtrot, samba, rumba and mambo etc.