For the past two decades, the industry has developed dramatically. According to research, there has been a rise in individuals indulging in this type of activity as it was considered that there is a person playing the slot online games in one out of five individuals.

Plans to develop the industry have become controversial as individuals want some of the activities of these industries to be legalized.

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Here is a list of some of the reasons as to why people claim online gaming to be legal:

The Cost-Benefit Analysis:

Every single time there is a consideration for expansion and legalization of online gaming industries with games like Agen Bola, relatable matters normally arise. Whereby the industry proponents argue that its legalization and expansion will ensure that there is the creation of equal employment opportunities, generation of tax revenues and will also ensure that there is a boost in the average wages.

While the individuals opposing the establishment of this industry are of the opinion that it will give rise to social costs such as industry cannibalization, crime, and addiction to this type of gaming thus outweighing the benefits.

Neutral research that was carried showed the economic benefits of both online slot gaming like pgslot and offline slot gaming such as employment, wages, and economic growth.

The research also showed that countries that have online and offline gaming have a higher employment rate that is eight percent higher than those lacking.

Tax Benefits:-

Tax revenues is perhaps the most important political benefit of online and offline gaming.Though these industries provide a portion of around five percent which is considered to be a very small portion. Online and offline gaming taxes do make it simpler for politicians to avoid tax increases or spending cuts.

Therefore if these industries keep hundreds of millions of their revenues in the country that will mean an addition of revenue for the country which is very beneficial.


Researchers have come to the conclusion that most of the cost is attributable to the individuals who are greatly addicted to online gaming.

These individuals are gradually affected by problems such as bad debts, bankruptcies, financial problems, lying to friends and family and committing crimes to get money to indulge in these activities. Shockingly the spread of these industries in a country might not cause a significant increase in the widespread of these problems. Research conducted claims that when there is an expansion of this industry then the problem arises for a short period of time before being neutralized.

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Crowding Out Competitors:

Critics argue that online and offline gaming will lead to industry cannibalization. As opening online gaming industry like  to the public will give a new option to their potential consumers since they will be enjoying the online slot gaming and as a result, they will spend their money on them.

Research has established that these industries have led to about 2.75% decrease in lottery sales. This competition is despised by the business owner from other industries thus opposing the idea of online and offline slot gaming to be expanded and legalized.