A family law service provides a solution and negotiation at the family court for a family-related dispute. Family law services can cover many different types of disputes such as divorce petitions, child support, parenting time, legal decision amongst many others. Issues such as domestic violence, child abuse or neglect are also covered within a family law service.

Family courts throughout the many states of the USA handle cases in different yet similar ways. Via negotiation, the parties attempt to reach an agreement, but if they do not the court can then decide on the issues either party cannot agree on.

There are times families cannot afford an attorney so they are given other resources to represent themselves in court, but people recommend when doing this to at least get first the advice of an attorney to know how to proceed properly.

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The following is a list that contains some more in-depth information about a few types of areas in which a family law service can assist you:


There are times in which a relationship does not work. Divorce service helps a couple disentangle both in a legal and personal way. Finances, parental plan responsibilities, child support, home, and other assets are looked when a divorce petition is put in place.

Divorce service helps the couple in finding an agreement to the children-related areas and personal assets until either party agrees on, or if they cannot the court can step in and decide for them.

Child Custody:

Child custody service looks for a way to advocate the best interests of the child and all parties. This process can at times be difficult due to the heavy disputes of both parties, and most of the time it becomes a highly emotional situation.

When it comes to child custody the judge reviews and listens to the parties involved to determine the best solution while keeping the best child’s interests in mind. This can become a difficult situation in which either parents or guardians cannot agree on, so via understanding the case and listening, the court can decide what the best is for both parties and especially the child.

Domestic Violence:

Any type of physical violence or threat of the same within a family circle is considered domestic violence. Crimes can be accounted as domestic violence if they are related to spouses, former spouses, children, if one party is pregnant, or also if the parties have a current or previous sexual or romantic relationship, though this can vary from state to state.

When it comes to domestic violence-related cases a victim can request an order of protection, which prohibits the other party from contacting the victim, and also by having the perpetrator stay away from the victim’s house and work.


In various states, if two parents are married the husband can be attributed to being the father of the child, but of course, this is not always the case. The family court can help in finding an agreement between biological fathers, adoptive as well as establish non-paternity at the time of divorce.

If the mother applies for support through public assistance or child support services, the father can be requested a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity or also be tested to confirm paternity. As in most cases, the court listens to each party and decides on the best course of action.

Property Separation:

When a couple is together they can get many goods along the way, but at times of separation such as divorce, they can start seeing those same goods personal rather than theirs. Property separation legal service assists in finding an agreement between both parties by finding a way to separate the goods of the divorced couple.

Each person’s economic circumstances are taken into account along if there are any children involved. Court identifies what property was previously owned by what party and along with children and financial matters in mind they decide the best course of action and what goes to whom.

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In Conclusion:

Family-related law services cover most if not all family-related legal needs. Anything such as divorce, child support, property separation to paternity agreement amongst others falls under the family law category.

As mentioned before, getting a family law attorney is recommended because they can properly guide the party to find the best course of action on what to do when it comes to a family-related legal matter. The state allows for a person to go and represent themselves at court, but it is advised to at least have gotten any kind of legal advice by a professional firm like Tiffany Fina Law Firm which knows what steps to take.