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What Essay Writing Tools Should A Student Use When Studying Remotely?

Regardless of the area or subject of study, every student faces the challenges which come with essay writing. Nowadays, written expression is not only an assignment at school but an important part of daily life as well.

And in this article, we’ll be describing essay writing tools students should use when studying remotely to help them in crafting an impressive essay, just like, who helps with essay writing services. They include:

  1. Read-Able 

Even though both the effectiveness and quality of an essay’s argument remains somewhat subjective, you still require specific grading standards which help you in grading it objectively. One of the most important criteria used is the essay’s readability. This website provides you with an automated tool, enabling you to easily test the readability level of an essay.

  1. The Grammar Gorillas 

Do you know grammar can be fun, too? This amazing game will assure you in the truth of that statement. The Grammar Gorillas require your help; they want you to help them in getting bananas simply by identifying specific parts of speech. You’ll learn the grammar rules intuitively and easily while having fun throughout the process. 

  1. Quillpad

Many students perceive essay writing projects as boring, but Quillpad will be able to change your mind. This website comes with great online resources as well as books that make writing fun. Additionally, it includes cool new words as well which will boost your vocabulary.

With Quillpad, you’ll be able to easily identify content that is incomplete or illogical. You’ll also find writing techniques useful for boosting the quality of your writing. 

  1. Essay Punch 

Essay Punch will be guiding you through each stage of an essay writing process. Additionally, this site provides you with writing prompts which will help you in practicing your skills and overcoming writer’s block. 

  1. Parapal-Online 

If you are in need of the online exercises which will be useful for motivating you to easily master the art of writing while not being intimidated by the expectations, this tool is all you need. It provides you with great lessons as well as exercises in academic writing. And after learning how to develop a specific skill, you’ll be able to successfully implement the knowledge you gained into practice.

  1. PlagTracker 

Thanks to its plagiarism detection engine, you’ll find this tool very useful for detecting plagiarism.

  1. Thesis Generator 

Many students know that a thesis statement is a crucially important part of an essay which makes perfecting a thesis statement even more difficult. However, if you use this tool, it’ll be providing you with all the guiding points you need.

Simply stating an opinion, a topic, the main idea about that particular topic, the strongest reason supporting the opinion, two other reasons supporting it, an opposing viewpoint as well as a possible title. After which you’ll have a complete outline. 

Moreover, you can also get a thesis statement enabling you to understand how all those aspects of a paper can be effectively combined into a single statement.

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab

This tool comes with full instructions on every stage of an essay writing process alongside the definitions for various types of essays you can peruse on your own time. Additionally, you can even find the formatting guidelines for a citation style you wish.

  1. Vocaboly

This great vocabulary-building online program provides you with five books that will help you in learning new words and understanding their meaning. A rich vocabulary is a very important aspect of essay writing and as such, you should avoid repetition as much as possible. So try using Vocaboly as the tool that will help you to easily replace the habit words or the words you often use with other terms.

  1. Citation Generator

This citation generator tool is useful for students who struggle with citation as well as bibliography areas. So use this tool to reference and accurately name all your research. All of which will help you to nail your essay. 

  1. Essay Editing

You shouldn’t submit your writing that is improperly referenced or even copied. This tool will check your essay for plagiarism while offering thorough proofreading as well as editing service.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great essay writing tools you can use to craft a quality essay. All you have to do now is to choose the ones you need the most for composing an excellent essay.

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