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What is Flipkart fulfillment and how to use it in 2023?


What is Flipkart Fulfillment?

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded Flipkart in October 2007. As of now, It has become India’s leading E-commerce marketplaces. Flipkart headquarter is in Bengaluru. Nobody can believe it all started as an online bookstore. Then, they started selling other items such as mobile phones, laptops and so much more. After expanding, it started with Flipkart fulfillment where you can store your products with Flipkart and Flipkart will handle your inventory and stock.

Did you know Flipkart Fulfillment was previously known as Flipkart Advantage

Flipkart Fulfillment permits sellers to access the third-party warehouse and shipping services provided by Flipkart.

A company transports its goods in bulk to a Fulfillment Center (FC) run by Flipkart, It is where products and goods are stored.

Flipkart Fulfillment Center selects, pack, and delivers the goods to clients as and when orders are received from customers on a daily basis. It also manages the returns of goods sent back by clients or delivery services.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Flipkart Fulfillment?

  • It helps in processing orders quickly
  • It has strict quality controls
  • They provide high-quality packing supplies
  • You get a badge from Flipkart Assured
  • It’s inventory is spread across several Fulfillment facilities

Should I Use Flipkart Fulfillment for My Business?

If you are confused about whether or not you should opt for eCommerce fulfillment by Flipkart then read below:

  • If you are a business that wants to expand and doesn’t have your warehouse and do not want to spend in buying one for now.
  • Companies with their own warehouses are designed for B2B shipping rather than daily B2C sales. 
  • Businesses that struggle to hire, train, and keep staff for their warehouses or to produce quick shipping turnaround times (1-2 days).
  • Utilizing Flipkart Fulfillment also gives your products an “Assured” badge and improved search ranking in the results of product searches. When customers see the Assured badge, they value it as well.

What are the Steps to Register for Flipkart Fulfillment?

  • To sell on Flipkart, first you have to signup as a seller, obviously!
  • Register for Flipkart Fulfillment after first expressing interest in it (Flipkart Seller Portal > Manage Profile > Flipkart Fulfillment).
  • By following the correct steps, make a list of the things you want to drop off at the Flipkart Fulfillment Center.
  • Send merchandise to the Flipkart Fulfillment Center.
  • Flipkart then performs a quality check. FC will store your products if they pass the QC test.
  • When the orders come through, Flipkart will handle the rest.
  • For settlement of payments, they follow the regular Flipkart fulfillment payment cycle..


Now, you are well aware of what is Flipkart fulfillment, what are it’s benefits, whether you should opt for Flipkart fulfillment for your business, and how to register as a seller. Do let us know did you find it useful for your business.