We have all ever wanted a call blocker. Or we currently want it, of course. The annoying calls from teleoperators at untimely hours, the insistence of services that we have said a thousand times no, and especially the proliferation of telephone scams make this device almost a must in any home with a fixed telephone.

As well,the guys at themarany.com have been kind enough to lend us their best call blocker so that we can test it for a few days and tell you our opinion. Do you want to know if this affordable gadget is worth it? We detail everything about him!

What is a Call Blocker?

As its name suggests, what this device does is identify the incoming or outgoing number and block it if it is on your black list, so that the caller receives a hang-up tone. Of course, any number that is not on this list will be received normally.In this case we are facing a fairly efficient blocker since it allows us to block three types of calls.

  • Those that come from numbers on the black list.
  • Those that contain a specific prefix (such as 900 numbers).
  • Those that we receive with a hidden number.

Wireless Phone Block Incoming Calls

Brillie Land Line Call Blocker for Landline Phones, Caller ID Display Phone Signal Dialer Dual Signal FSK / DTMF No Blocker for Home


  • Automatic number calls:Incoming number and outgoing number call back automatically, 30 outgoing calls can be verified, 100 incoming call memories.
  • Only 2 * AAA battery requirement: Powered by 2 * AAA battery (not included); It only needs to work with 2 AAA batteries, even if it has 3 battery points. As one of them is useless.
  • Caller ID display:Not compatible with cordless phones and two-line phone systems; And your phone service must have Caller ID display function.
  • Controller design: Adoption of advanced microcomputer controller design, automatic electronic calendar, adjustable LCD display; No call blocker

Kesoto Powerful Call Blocker, 1500 Number Capacity, Stop All Cold Calls for Landline Phones Old Landline Phones


  • This is the latest version of Phone Call Blocker with hidden or unavailable call numbers that can be blocked. And there are no fees to use it; Manual have also been updated to improved with better directed English.
  • One-touch blacklist function, very easy to operate even without manual; Better set the call blocker online (connected directly to the phone, then to the phone line); Although it can also be configured in parallel with the phone to work, but some phone systems do not work.
  • Permanent storage of blacklisted numbers, even when the power is off or the phone line is clogged.
  • 1x Call Blocker, 1x Cable, 1x Line Connecter, 1x English User Manual

Panasonic KX-TGC310 – Cordless Landline Telephone (LCD, Caller ID, 16H Continuous Use, Pager, 50 Number Directory, Call Block, ECO Mode, Noise Reduction), Color Black


  • DECT with display: 1.6-inch LCD
  • One-touch ECO mode: Save battery and lighting consumption
  • Block unwanted calls: To stop receiving unwanted calls
  • A directory of 50 names and numbers and redialing in memory of 10 numbers
  • Single Phone: Use it as an extension of your other landlines

Telpal landline call blocker for landlines with caller ID display, 1500 capacity


  • This is the latest version with phone call blocker or not available Call hidden numbers can be blocked.
  • Block up to 1,500 individual phone numbers (including incoming and outgoing calls), area codes, and up to 10 area codes.
  • One-touch Blacklist function; Very easy to operate even without manual; better set the call Blocker (connected directly to the phone line, then the line); Telephone although it can also be configured parallel with the telephone to work, but some telephone systems does not work.
  • Permanent storage of numbers in the Blacklist even power is off or telephone line is connected outside.
  • It does not need a battery; ATTENTION: it can work with almost all single line phones

Philips D4601B -Stylish Cordless Phone with Hands-Free, Incoming Caller ID, Easy Setup, Pure and Clear Sound, Black


  • Separate speakerphone handset for easy hands-free calling
  • Incoming caller ID: so, you always know who’s calling you
  • Blacklist, anonymous call, mute mode, call blocking
  • Hq-sound: high-quality acoustic engineering for superb sound