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What Is the PEPPOL Network?

ByDave Stopher

Jun 9, 2021

What Is the PEPPOL Network?

PEPPOL is a set of standards that rule the document exchanges in the peppol network.

The peppol go will use the e-delivery network to connect to various procurement software and set the technical standards that must be comprehended by these systems.

With such standards, it will provide interoperability and a secure network.

All of the access points involved in the network will use the same specifications in order to interact with the other parties. This will minimize the failures and errors in exchanging information from business to business.

The enterprises and public entities can connect to the peppol network in order to interact with global trading partners across the globe.

In this case, the peppol consulting can provide information regarding the technical specifications and open-source software. Therefore, the legal framework is also conducted.

The framework won’t work without the help of the network. The peppol network is where all of the compliance parties will interact with each other with their documents.

What is Peppol?

The term PEPPOL is not strange in European countries since it has been there since 2008. Back then, the European Commission conducted a test project called Pan-European Public Procurement Online. The peppol network was a project test but then proceeding to the serious standardization.

Initially set up for businesses in Europe, the development has been offered to other countries across the globe as well. With the set of standards, businesses across the globe can exchange peppol business documents with a high level of security, safety, speed, as well as interoperability.

It is like the network on your smartphone. When someone calls you or sends you a text message, you will immediately know the contacts that are interacting with you since you have stored their information on your phone.

The same thing can apply in the peppol network. When a recipient business receives a message from another party, they can easily identify the group, business, or company that sends them information like invoice, orders, etc. While in our smartphone the other one is called our contact, in the latter network it is called “Peppol ID”.

Why do businesses use the Peppol network?

More and more businesses start to use peppol services for improving their services and productivity. The main reason to rely on the peppol access point provider is that these specifications are safe and secure. In fact, the network is more secure than using the conventional mailing system.

According to the people experts, the level of security is different because each user grants a unique ID that can only be used as a recognition. Therefore, the business will only interact with the particular recognized ID, making every transaction tamper-proof and seamless.

As the governments enforce the particular set of standards for e-invoices and other procurements, many businesses are now obligated to send the e-invoices with the right framework.

To conclude there are two main reasons why more and more businesses are attracted to the people go. The first reason is that the government oblige them to be compliant with these standards. The second reason focuses on the true benefits of the peppol business documents.

This set of specifications have opened wider opportunities for many enterprises and businesses to participate in global trading. Even the local businesses in each country will have the same opportunity to expand their reach to the international soils.

Which countries use Peppol?

Back then, when the European Commission obligated the PEPPOL in the European countries, the members were only limited to the countries in the continent. But now, things have been different.

There are currently 39 countries in total to become members of OpenPeppol. There are 31 countries in Europe. The rest are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and so on.

How do I connect to Peppol?

In order to exchange the peppol business documents in the peppol network, you will need to connect to the peppol access point first.

We mentioned the analogy about you using your smartphone. In this case, the Access Point holds the same role as the mobile providers such as Vodafone for mobile users. In this field, the AP providers will provide you with access to the network wherein you can interact with the other businesses within the same network or those who hold the same set of standards as yours in sending and receiving the documents.

The identifier of each business or enterprise within the network is called PEPPOL ID. You will grant the ID once you use the AP peppol services. The providers will provide the unique ID for your business identification. For further information, you could contact your access point provider or Galaxy Gateway. They will gladly help you with any inquiry that you have.

The purpose of the Peppol

The organizations who register to Peppol will take many advantages from its effective framework. If you are in the middle of your decision, you could take a look at the list of the benefits of using peppol.

Better cash flow

There is no significant delay when transferring the document. That means the e-invoices and orders can be finalized at a faster rate, improving the acceleration of the profits. Ones who can reap this advantage will have good cash flow on a monthly basis.

Transparency of the information

The transfer is done securely within the particular peppol network. It is more safe and secure to conduct the practices with the help of the peppol access point. There is less risk to face data breach and other attacks. With the same standards, there is no need to interpret all of the messages manually. All parties can understand each other no matter what kind of information that they are transacting.

Save operational costs

One of the most difficult challenges in international e-invoices is that the counterparts are using different systems and processes. And these will require more costs for translator, interpreter, and other administrative services. With the peppol go, you can eliminate this problem.

The peppol network can integrate the different systems and processes since the members are using the same standards. Not to mention that there are no bilateral fees in contracts that you need to worry about when sending the business documents to your business partner.