Tons of people know Bitcoin as an anonymous currency. By the mere fact that it is operating on the blockchain network that promises security and scalability of data, people derive that notion from it. However, even with the latter school of thought, you should note that one can track the BTC back to their digital wallets. They can therefore be used to identify the person that send the BTC and ones that receives them.

Even though wallet owners are required not to disclose any information that will reveal their identity, some countries need the latter to happen. Some can even draw huge connections in the several bitcoin wallets and their real –life owners. By you choosing to use the best bitcoin mixers, you will be able to conceal the identity of the person sending and receiving the money.

How will you mix bitcoin?

Mixing bitcoin is a time consuming process. The process can take at least half an hour. But the good news is that you will find tons of best bitcoin mixers in the market to purchase their services. If you still continue with the process, you will have to set a burner email and an anonymous wallet. It is recommended not to use your own email. Doing the latter will be exposing your identity. Many sites that facilitate Bitcoin mixing have a clear cut process for this. You will thus need to follow their steps in setting up a burner email and an anonymous wallet.

The second procedure will need you to fund your intermediary wallet. Once you are done with the first process, setting up an intermediary wallet will be an easy thing. You will be able to send bitcoin from your market wallet to intermediary wallet. While accessing your intermediate wallet, you should make sure to conceal your identity.  The last step will need you to create your third and final wallet. The latter will be the last step where you will store your anonymous wallet. The final wallet will be the destination of your BTC. When it comes to mixing your bitcoin, you will need to use third party service providers. You will many tons of best bitcoin mixers to choose from.

How can I even stay anonymous when using BTCs?

Some people would want to mix their Bitcoin. Others won’t want to do that. Nonetheless, you could do many other things to stay private when using bitcoin. Using burner email is one of the best ways to conceal your identity. The good news is that you will have tons of private burner emails services for you to choose from.  The second way of staying anonymous will be by deleting your notes.  It is advisable you delete everything when done with the Bitcoin transfer process.  Leaving traces behind could expose your identity.

In conclusion, the article has provided you with the procedure of mixing Bitcoin. The good news is that there are tons of best bitcoin mixers to help you in the process. Using them would be ideal compared to mixing the BTC by yourself, especially if you do not know what you are doing.