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What Removing a Dorsal Hump Can Do For You

ByDave Stopher

Oct 2, 2021 #health, #life

What is a Dorsal hump?

A dorsal hump, commonly referred to as nasal hump, is a small bump on the bridge of the nose which is partially made of bone and cartilage. The hump is mainly inherited, although it can appear when you have broken your nose. The hump is often said to be an impairment, and many people with it usually undergo nasal cosmetic surgery to get rid of it.

What causes a Dorsal hump?

Dorsal humps are mostly inherited along with family ties, and therefore, it is vital to ensure that your nose is fully developed before considering the surgery. However, research shows that some ethnic groups, especially the Mediterranean race and the Arabs, are more likely to have a dorsal hump compared to the rest of the population. Aforementioned, whenever one has an injury on their nose, the dorsal hump can appear.

If you have a dorsal hump and it makes you feel uncomfortable, then there is an option of removing it through nasal cosmetic surgery. You can choose to have it reduced or completely removed.

Nasal hump Treatments

Open rhinoplasty

This is the best method to get rid of a dorsal hump. It is done through surgery and can be used to eliminate both small and large humps. Whenever you choose to undergo dorsal hump removal, you want to ensure your dorsal aesthetic lines are smooth and ensure they are in proportion with the rest of the nose. The patients who undergo this process take a long time to heal from the surgery.

Closed Rhinoplasty

At times, some patients want minor changes in their dorsal hump, dorsal reduction. The significant benefit of closed rhinoplasty is that it takes a shorter time to recover. Moreover, with the closed rhinoplasty, there are no visible scar tissues.

The procedure is done under anesthetics, where the surgeons perform it through the nostrils. However, closed rhinoplasty is the most preferred option for patients with particular conditions identified by doctors. The closed rhinoplasty procedure is often considered a less profitable way of getting rid of the dorsal hump.

Liquid rhinoplasty

This is another method one can use to ensure they get rid of the dorsal hump. Although it is often said not to be as effective as surgical procedures, it has some unique benefits. In this form of rhinoplasty, the surgeon will level the depression on top of the hump with the hump itself by putting fillers. The main advantages of this method are that it has no recovery and is less expensive.

Those who undergo the procedure have to have a repeat after every six months to have it refilled. The major disadvantage of this procedure is that it is not appropriate for those with large dorsal humps.

What removing a dorsal hump can do for you

Removing a dorsal hump is done via rhinoplasty and before this procedure is conducted, it is important to think about how it can benefit you. The procedure, though expensive, is trendy. Its popularity is because it is not only done for cosmetic purposes only but also to correct some deformations on the face, hence enhancing facial balance.

Fix a broken or injured nose

The nose is positioned at a place that is so prominent, making it vulnerable to injuries that usually occur in case of an accident or some sporting activity. There are cases where the nose heals without any medical attention, while in other cases, one has to undergo rhinoplasty surgery to correct the injury.

When this fracture occurs in most instances, it leads to the formation of a dorsal hump, and therefore one needs to undergo a rhinoplasty.

To correct breathing problems

Although it is not a commonly discussed issue, the nose structure is crucial to ensure you are comfortable breathing. The vast majority of people have a deviated septum. Simply put, this means that the wall that separates the nasal cavity leans to one side or the other. The deviation isn’t a big deal for many people, and they may not even be aware of it.

There are cases where the septum leans so far to one side or the other that airflow through the nasal passages is obstructed. Septoplasty is the surgical procedure used to correct a severely deviated septum. A deviated septum isn’t the only problem that can impair your ability to breathe. A rhinoplasty procedure can also help correct such obstructions hence making it easy for you to breathe.

Improve the appearance of the nose

Some people undergo rhinoplasty just for cosmetic purposes, especially when uncomfortable with their face and improve facial balance. Some people with slightly larger noses feel uncomfortable since it is very prominent hence creating an unbalanced appearance. Rhinoplasty can help adjust the angle of the nose at the tip, hence creating a good profile.

Boost Self-esteem

Many people may lack self-confidence since they are not comfortable with their image. Therefore, rhinoplasty is a procedure that can help improve the appearance, hence helping boost their confidence towards the public. Boosted self-confidence, in turn, leads to increased self-esteem.

Can Dorsal humps grow back?

Rhinoplasty is said to be the optimal procedure for treating dorsal humps. A rhinoplasty, when successful, usually offers a lifetime result to the procedure. However, some people confuse post-operative swelling with regrowth.


Before checking in a hospital for surgery, it is vital to ensure that some of this information is at your fingertips.

  1. Ensure that you know whether your hump is due to excess bone, excess cartilage, or both. This is because all the nasal humps are not the same. Although commonly, the hump is made up of both the cartilage and bone, there are instances where the hump is due to excess cartilage or excess bone.
  2. How well will your skin red-rape after removal? There are cases where after the surgery, the nose may look worse, although it is rare. Patients with thick skin find it hard to reduce their nose as much as they might desire because the skin does not shrink wrap around the newly downsized nose.

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