Ground Anchors are the best way to prevent thieves from targeting your motorcycle or bike. Many Motorbike owners agree that ground anchors are the best choice for home garage security, as they are secure and easy to install yourself.

Motorbike ground anchors have many advantages and numerous motorbikes, and bike owners can vouch for them.

  •         Cheaper and easier to install than other motorbike security. For a lot of new motorcycle owners, a motorbike can be a very expensive purchase and rather than getting something expensive a ground anchor is a great purchase.
  •         A lot of motorcycle owners park their motorbike on their driveway or road without any security systems, this is how many bike theft crimes occur. Once secured in concrete, the ground anchor is harder to break therefore ensuring your bike security and peace of mind.
  •         Motorbike ground anchors are a terrific anti-theft device. Adding multiple locks onto your bike won’t affect your bike being taken, but if your bike is connected to a ground anchor it is harder to steal.
  •         Ground anchors are very secure and perfect for bikes, scooters, trailers, and motorcycles.

The Two Main Types of Ground Anchors

Ground anchors come in two different types: concrete ground anchors and bolt down ground anchors. For concrete and bolt down ground anchors, the design and quality of the materials being used are more complex and stronger than the average ground anchor.

Bolt down or concrete ground anchors are harder and more durable than the average chain ground anchor. Thieves nowadays tend to stray away from using angle grinders because of the noise and risk of getting caught.

Wall or Ground Anchor?

Wall-mounted ground anchors are just as hard to steal. For many thieves, their go-to tools include bolt croppers. While bolt croppers aren’t effective against weaker chains with enough pressure, they can break some chains. When ground anchors are mounted onto a wall, attempting to break the chain is even harder.

Many Insurance Companies recommend that if your bike is over 10-15k to invest in security for your bike up to 1k max, this makes sure your bike is protected. When investing in ground anchors, buying a chain over 14mm is very important because it is nearly impossible to break without an angle grinder and as previously mentioned, using an angle grinder will take longer and be noisier.

How to ensure your ground anchor is secure?

On the market today, there are numerous types of ground anchors available, ranging from different sizes to looks. The company Sold Secure independently rate and test countless security products to see which is the best, doing so makes sure motorbike owners can pick the best ground anchor for their motorcycles.

Sold secure rate items from Bronze to Diamond. When looking to invest in security for your bike, checking sold secure will offer some guidance on how well your security product can handle attacks.

How to Install a Motorcycle Ground Anchor

1 – Pick the spot where your motorcycle will go, make sure it is in a good spot, so it doesn’t become a trip hazard and if you have any other vehicles that the ground anchor doesn’t block them.

2 – Make a hole, where you’re going to place it. This can be done with a shovel or drill a hole into your spot of choice and put in the ground anchor. Once you have finished covering the hole with concrete.

If you are installing a bolt-in ground anchor, then drill 5/8 inches into a pilot. Always wear protective PPE.

3 – Vacuum all the dust and check the depth of the hole, to make sure you can hammer the bolts from your ground anchor kit. Using an Allen key bolt can be easier.

4 – Drill and secure the other holes.

5 – Add on the cover disks that are added on top for more security.

6 – Bold down the plastic cover using the excess Allen key bolts.