Choosing to pack for a trip can be stressful. With so many things to consider such as what if it rains? What if we go out for a fancy dinner? And what if I need to take some pictures for the gram? All of these are very real worries that many of us go through when packing for a trip. But what if that trip is also a city break, in winter! 


A city break is the perfect mix of culture, guaranteed amazing food, and the adventure of living life like a local for a few days. But a city break comes with challenges of its own when it comes to wardrobe must-haves, especially in the colder months.  

A Statement Coat

The first thing that you grab when going out anywhere in the cold is a coat. A coat for a city break is top of the list as most of the time you will be out and about exploring the city and seeing all the sights it has to offer. But just because you need to stay warm, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it. The best place to step outside your comfort zone is in a new area, so why not try a bold statement coat? A patterned coat or block colour is a great way to keep looking stylish when the rest of your outfit is covered up. Leopard, zebra or bold pinks, blues and greens are statement makers that will also be on trend season after season. A wool coat is a must for bitter cold climates, or why not try a leather trench coat for those rain prone get-aways. 

A Stand out Scarf

Cold weather means wrapping up, and there’s no better accessory for winter than a scarf. This simple yet insanely practical piece is not only great for keeping us warm, but can also be used to pull a full outfit together or be a stand alone piece in what could have been a mediocre look. A wool scarf with tassels in a checked, striped or ombre design in bold neon, rainbow or similar hues are perfect. If you want to keep it more toned down, then a neutral scarf in thick cotton or wool can make a statement of its own in an oversized fit. 


Layers will be your new BFF when travelling around a city in winter. Travelling from one side of town to the other, on foot, tube or public transport will involve two things, being hot and sweaty. Being able to take off single or several layers when getting on the tube or walking 1k to the next sight to see, will be a blessing. Thermals are not needed, but instead try a simple long sleeve top under a t-shirt, or a pair of tights under that maxi dress. Scarves, gloves and hats are all layers that can quickly and easily be removed when coming from the outside in. 


Nothing comes to mind sooner than knitwear when you think of winter. But mixing in a city break full of walking, sightseeing and shopping, knitwear could be a bit too much for all that movement. This is why you need to choose your knitwear carefully. Think thin cottons, soft breathable cashmeres and long sleeve polo necks. All of these are perfect for layering while also adding an element of fashion. Opt for neutral when picking thin knitwear if it’s for layering as these will go with everything you pack. If you want ro add a pop of colour under your puffa jacket, mom jeans, boots and wool scarf? Try a bold pink long sleeve thin knitted jumper or turtle neck to elevate. Boutique clothing is a great way to find stand out knitwear that may not be found in most other stores.

A bag to fit everything

A bag that can hold everything life may throw at you is a big yes for any city trip, whether it be winter or not.  Having all your care essentials and comforts on your person while out and about somewhere new can do wonders for creating a calm and less stressful travelling experience. Grab a bag that includes compartments, zippers and pockets on the inside of the bag to help organise your essentials. This bag will also need a secure opening and closure to ensure all your items stay safe. But just because a bag is probably the most practical thing you will take on this trip, it doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. A large padded tote will add to the winter vibes as well as be big enough to hold everything you need. 

Final thoughts

The most important thing about exploring a city in winter is comfort. Ensuring you keep warm, wear comfortable shoes that you can walk a marathon in, and have mix and match outfit options. All these things will help you have a great winter mini break while also looking the part too.