Whether we like it or not, our brand is a living, breathing creature. And as Instagram is the biggest popularity contest for both brands and people, being able to capture the attention of others is clutch. Which, if this is something you’ve been struggling with, then we’ve provided a few helpful solutions for boosting yourself over the competition. Check them out below:

Add More Tools For Social Proof

One of the biggest draws on Instagram is social proof, which is essentially the principle that if other people like something, then we’re most likely going to like it too. In capturing or gaming social proof on Instagram, the general rule is to create things that not only will be well-liked, but also encourage engagement by their nature; for example, throwing a contest where people have to tag one another or giving a discount on a product or service from ‘liking’ a photo.

Granted, while those are quick boosts, there are also other strategies you can implement to garner more influence as well.

With social proof on Instagram, the most important thing is to think about how your gradual progression looks over time. This is why so many people have turned to solutions like ViralRace to buy instagram likes today (https://viralrace.com/buy-instagram-likes), as it enables you to acquire likes over the course of a drip campaign via genuine engagement. 

This helps quite a bit with acquiring new traffic while obtaining old followers, providing a balance that’s unmatched by your peers. Take the time to consider if bringing on more engagement tools will help with your business to improve your social media influence, including giving yourself the chance to try a few out.

Reassess Your Visual Assets

If you’re going to be boosting your brand, one of the first steps you should consider is reassessing what visual assets you’re offering, as well as why they’re appealing to others. While often thought of as a luxury expense by some companies, it actually can be one of the first deciders that people have over saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your business. 

Especially if you’re worried about leads from Instagram, having a solid visual catalog will be clutch, which is why you should definitely do an audit of your current materials.

In looking at your catalog, ask yourself what type of brand perception you’d have as an outsider, which if you have a hard time being objective over, then hiring an outside consultant can be wise. At the very least, getting someone to look at your materials (or, multiple people if you can pull off a survey) is a smart call, giving you a sense of perspective on what people think, as well as where your starting off point should be. 

From there, come up with a plan to make improvements, including establishing a budget for creative, as well as what type of work you might need to be done. As your brand is everywhere your business is, having a stellar presence on Instagram starts with how quality of an investment you’ve put in, which requires a fair amount of knowing how you view your company versus everyone else.

Start Engaging With More Influencers

According to ViralRace, as a focal point of Instagram’s current climate, influencers are one of the most widely-respected marketing tools out there. We don’t blame you if trying to hire an influencer hasn’t exactly been your cup of tea so far, as it can be difficult on knowing who to hire as well as what return they might bring to my business. Quite simply, just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t exactly mean those people are going to be engaged in your business, which is something to be mindful of in looking at the ROI of hiring an influential person.

With influencers, the biggest consideration is how much money will it make back if they post something. For example, if I have two influencers and one has 3,000 followers, but over 200 buy every time they post…while the other has 20,000 and only 150 buy when somethings posted, the former is a much, much better deal. 

The overall goal is to have someone other people can look at and not only trust their word, but also convince them to buy. Although that sounds like a challenge, the biggest goal you should have moving forward with this is finding an organic fit, reaching out to those you admire and want to represent your brand.

Conduct A/B Tests On Different Messaging

Not enough Instagram accounts conduct A/B testing, which really hurts their odds of improving their messaging. 

While we often look at messaging as something where it’s committed the first time and then distributed, it’s actually much smarter to test how different markets respond to your messaging; for example, running a campaign talking about a value proposition concisely versus a campaign that displays testimonials. 

Furthermore, looking at different mediums and how they respond is important as well, including the difference between what’s successful when to buy Instagram likes versus what works for an email blast. As A/B testing is a tool to help gain more of a sense of the metrics behind your creative, giving you a message that will resonate to a much larger base.

Chat More With Your Fans

Your fans are the base of your community. As strong fan support enables you to do quite a bit, it’s smart to take a second to step back and get to know these people. Learn what they like about your business, as well as what they feel like could be improved. 

While it sounds intimidating being vulnerable to them, it’s also a necessary step towards building a dialogue, giving you the chance to learn about your business from someone else’s perspective. Brainstorm a few ways you want to get to know your base more, because, in return, the shareability and traction you could get off this interaction is priceless.