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What You Can Learn About a Person’s Background Online

ByDave Stopher

Sep 9, 2020 #education

The catchphrase knowledge is power has never been more relevant than it is today given the ever-growing world wide web is chock-full of all kinds of information. Indeed, the amazing advancement of the internet has made finding people online a piece of cake. If you know where to look, you can learn everything about everyone – well, except for undercover agents and serious bigwigs, of course.

Wittiness aside, as things stand now, one click is enough to have a person’s full background at your full disposal. In case, you can’t quite believe it, try to google yourself to get an idea of what other people can find about you doing just a little bit of research. On the bright side, numerous people finders, background checkers, and market research services are not all bad – when used wisely, they can serve a lofty purpose. Here is what you can learn about a person’s background online and why you need all this info.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check can be broadly described as a way of investigating someone’s past and present, taking advantage of a variety of public data sources and reports. The majority of background checks available online are based on data maintained by both private companies and state and federal governments and created automatically.

As a rule, each report will provide basic details such as the person’s age, date of birth, relatives, and social media presence. Depending on your goals, you can ask for essential info on committed crimes and arrests, or try to figure out if someone you’re interested in has a hidden dating profile.  People also looking for financial backgrounds and a history of bankruptcies, as well as for a variety of civil records and judgments, traffic tickets, and driving records.


  • Hidden Dating Profiles


Cheating is an old thing but thanks to the rapidly evolving modern technologies, now it is easier than ever. With a plethora of dating sites out there, figuring out if your current or future spouse is playing you might be a challenging task. 

However, if you opt for doing just a little bit of research, you can avoid dishonest partnerships by finding his or her hidden dating profile using search tools provided by a range of dedicated platforms. Instead of being frustrated by the locked phone of your darling, learn everything you want to know (including their web browser history) for a small fee. In addition to that, you will get precious knowledge on how to track a mobile phone or perform an infidelity test in the most sophisticated way.


  • Criminal Records


Nowadays you just can’t be too safe. Checking out the eventual criminal background of your new date or co-worker is not a matter of curiosity, it often can keep you away from serious troubles. We doubt anyone would like to let a sex offender into their life. Regardless of whether it is about your new babysitter or a plumber working in your home, do not underestimate the importance of being aware of their background.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online services that will provide you with comprehensive info on a certain person, letting you search the database by name, age, location, as well as an array of other metrics. Even though some results can be pretty shocking, you cannot deny that being warned is far better than being a victim.


  • Driving Records


Did you know that the great bulk of people who try to dig out someone’s background are primarily interested in the target’s driving records? Incredible as it may seem, hit & runs and DUIs are even more sought-after details than cheating wives and husbands. Experts from DMVrecords.us.org explain that the majority of people tend to see a strong link between a person’s driving habits and behavior on the roads and their personality, hence driving records are often essential to a better understanding of your neighbors, colleagues, or new acquaintances. Frankly speaking, if you think about it, such an approach does make perfect sense.

Can you ever feel the same…

… about a handsome dude next door if you discover that he has struck another vehicle and then just driven away? Known as hit and run, it is one of the most serious traffic offenses as leaving the scene of the accident often means leaving injured people without help. Would you like such a person to marry your sister or become your driver? More than that, if your target has a DUI history, you will instantly have it at your fingertips, perhaps even spiced up with juicy details – if there are some, of course. 

Interestingly, millions of Americans use this online service to research their own driving records, just to make sure they can sleep at night. To be on the safe side, they prefer to take a look at in-depth reports that contain data collected from a broad range of sources including government, state, federal, and public records.


  • Job History


Well, it might seem the easiest task of all but believe it or not, despite a myriad of web-based platforms similar to LinkedIn, sometimes you can find only info a certain person wants you to know. If you are interested in the eventual skeleton in the closet of your future or current employee, colleague, or boss, you will have to do your due diligence and go deeper.

Trust but verify – there is no reason to believe absolutely everything in an applicant’s resume or, even more so, in his online professional profile. That’s why do not skip the opportunity to perform a comprehensive employment history check and fish out not only starting salary or job-related skills but also misconduct records and workplace injuries.

Regardless of the reason, you feel it necessary to check out someone’s background, there is no easier and faster way to get reliable results than doing it online. Before deciding to use the services of a particular website, make sure it does exactly what it says on the tin and can cater directly to your needs. At the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

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