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What You Typically Like on Your Sunday Roast Dinner if You Are from Teesside


Apr 23, 2023

If you’re from Teesside, then there’s a good chance that a traditional Sunday roast dinner is a regular fixture in your weekly meal plans. This hearty and filling meal is the perfect way to end the week and bring the family together for a delicious lunch. While there are many variations of the Sunday roast dinner, there are some staples that are typically found on a Teesside plate.

The Meat

First things first, the meat. The star of the show, the centrepiece of the plate, the thing that everyone looks forward to; the meat should be cooked perfectly and seasoned well. While there are plenty of options when it comes to meat, Teessiders tend to opt for either beef or pork. You might occasionally find some lamb or chicken, but beef or pork is the classic choice. Roast beef is often seasoned with salt and pepper, and occasionally accompanied by a Yorkshire pudding and drizzled in gravy. Pork is often served with apple sauce and stuffing.

The Potatoes

No Sunday roast dinner is complete without crispy, golden, and fluffy roast potatoes. Roasting potatoes is an artform, and everyone seems to have their own secret recipe for getting them just right. In Teesside, potatoes are often roasted with butter or beef drippings to give them extra flavour. Some people also like to add rosemary or thyme for extra flavour. Whether you like them soft or crispy, roast potatoes are a must-have on any Teesside Sunday roast dinner plate.

The Vegetables

Of course, no Sunday roast dinner is complete without vegetables. Teesside locals tend to follow tradition and opt for a selection of vegetables such as carrots, peas, and broccoli. But many households also add cauliflower cheese, which is a popular accompaniment to beef. Green beans, turnips, and roast parsnips are also common. But, what really sets Teesside Sunday roast dinners apart is the inclusion of red cabbage. The red cabbage is cooked slowly and laced with red wine vinegar and sugar. The result is a sweet and sour taste that complements the rich flavour of the meat perfectly.

The Gravy

The star of any roast dinner is the gravy. It’s what brings everything together and makes the meal complete. In Teesside, the gravy is often a thick, meaty broth. It’s made from a combination of beef stock, drippings, and flour for a thick and flavourful sauce. Many households add spices such as thyme or bay leaves for extra depth of flavour. The gravy is then poured generously over the meat and potatoes to make sure all the flavours are locked in.

The Yorkshire pudding

A good Yorkshire pudding is essential for any Teesside Sunday roast dinner. It’s a savoury treat made from a batter of eggs, flour, and milk, which is then baked in the oven. The goal is to achieve a crisp exterior and a soft, slightly doughy interior. Although originally from Yorkshire, the pudding has become a staple of roast dinners across the whole of the UK. Some people like to fill their Yorkshire puddings with gravy, while others prefer to eat them as a standalone treat. Either way, they’re a must-have on any Teesside Sunday roast dinner plate.

The Conclusion

Sunday roast dinners are a beloved tradition in Teesside, and for good reason. They’re a comforting meal that brings family and friends together to share good food and good company. While there are many variations of the Sunday roast dinner, the meat, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding form the backbone of this classic meal. So, if you’re visiting Teesside or have recently moved to the area, be sure to treat yourself to a Sunday roast dinner and discover the unique flavours that make it a local favourite.

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