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What’s the difference between a summer house and a log cabin?


Nov 6, 2021

What’s the difference between a summer house and a log cabin?

A small log cabin and a cozy summer cottage are some of the most popular holiday and residential real estate options. Despite some similarities, there are many more differences between them than meets the eye. The summerhouse can be used year-round, the log cabin is intended only for the spring-summer period.

What is the log cabin?


If we consider the purpose of the log cabin, it is intended for one or more people to live in the warm seasons of the year. For this reason, a boiler room is not set up in the house and heating is not provided. This budget suburban real estate option can also be visited on weekends for relaxation.

The main communication is electricity, even the water supply is not always carried out and is substituted with water from a well and an outdoor bathroom. As for gas, cylinders and special gas stoves are used for cooking.

The main element of the log house is the area around it. Sheds and greenhouses are built there, a garden is created, fruit trees and other plants are planted. There is a separate recreation area, barbecue or gazebo, since most of the time will be spent outside.

The log house has the following advantages:

  • construction does not require a lot of space and financial investments;
  • less paperwork than for an ordinary residential building;
  • construction will take a minimum amount of time;
  • provides a comfortable seasonal vacation place for the whole family;
  • space for growing your own vegetables, fruits, berries and flowers.

Bear in mind that the log house is often not equipped with an air conditioning system, so it is important to figure out the best location for windows and their dimensions to protect from the heat.

Features of a summer house

A log cabin outside the city is different from a summer house. It can be used not only for seasonal, but also for year-round living of the whole family, subject to the necessary conditions for maximum comfort. It has a sewerage system, heating, water supply, air conditioning, etc.

Logs are an excellent material for residential buildings, as they are durable and provide good insulation. The building has the following features:

  • the house may have one or two floors;
  • the garage is located separately, but there may be a veranda or terrace;
  • often attics and mansard rooms are equipped like a living room;
  • the walls are insulated; all rooms are waterproofed and protected from external weather conditions.

Also, don’t forget about the exterior of the house. Since the residents will live here year-round, it is necessary to construct a shed or pergola, a place for a car, and set up a gazebo. Gardens, greenhouses, flower beds and small vegetable gardens are not uncommon.

What are the differences between a log cabin and a summer cottage?





Summer house


Log cabin
Length of stay


Can be used year-round, the walls are insulated and the building has a heating system Suitable only for seasonal living in spring and summer, the building is not protected from the cold


Residents of the house can officially register in it, and the package of documents is drawn up the same as for any real estate


It is impossible to register in a summer house building, and registration is carried out in a garden cooperative of a specific region
Conducting communications



There is electricity, gas, sewerage, running water, air conditioning, internet


Only electricity is supplied, bottled gas is used, water supply is rarely carried out
Total area It ranges from 100 to 250 sq. m, the house itself may have 1-2 floors


Does not exceed 100 sq. m (often about 60-70 sq. m), has one or two floors, but not full (for example, there is one room on the second floor)
Distance from the city


The log cabin is built close to the city The distance from the city can be 150 km and further, sometimes it reaches 300 km
Use of the adjoining territory


It is used to create landscape design and serves as a place for functional buildings, such as a garage, a bathhouse, a barn, a gazebo, a garden room, etc.


There are also buildings on the territory, but its main purpose is to grow various agricultural plants.
Materials and design


High-quality natural and modern finishing materials are used for the house interior and exterior Simple and budget materials are used. They are lightweight, pre-fabricated, do not require registration


Of course, the log cabin can also be decorated in a European, American or Russian style, but its characteristics will remain the same. If you want to change something, you will have to reissue the documents and change the type of building.

What type of building should you choose?

It all depends on the purpose of the property. For permanent residence, a summer house is suitable, which may well be called a country house. And if we are talking about seasonal recreation and the cultivation of various crops, you should give preference to the log house.

Modern construction offers many variations that can combine both goals. Nevertheless, special attention should be paid to the location of the object, as well as to the characteristics of the territory and parameters of the landscape.




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