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What’s the Difference Between Airsoft Gun AND BB Gun?


Nov 16, 2020

People who just joined the world of Airsoft are often confused as to what makes the gun used in Airsoft differ from a BB Gun. In fact, there are some differences between the two. To help you understand, here are the things that make the Airsoft gun and BB Gun differ from each other.


A BB gun is an imitation of a real gun that has been formulated to shoot small metal pellets. The BBs are made up of steel and are coated with copper to refine the finishing look. It was first launched by Markham Air Rifle Company in 1886. They have initially created a wooden, spring-loaded air pistol that has been designed for young people to use during gun training. It has the power to shoot with a speed of 200 feet per second and can reach up to 550 feet per second. However, since BB guns are made of steel, they are most likely to bounce off to some objects. Giving you less chance to make a strike an unintended target compared to any Airsoft gun. 

Airsoft, on the other hand, began in Japan. During the 80’s it was illegal for the citizens of Japan to own a private gun. This pushed the company Tokyo Marui to create a gun that can fire a plastic BB pellet. Airsoft guns are capable of shooting with a velocity of 300 to 450 frames per second. Lower compared to BB guns, as the BB pellet used in this type of gun is made up of plastic and has a size of at least 6 to 8mm. You can use items like the Armasight Predator scope.

Different Usage

BB guns are designed for two main reasons; to use during target shooting and for hunting small animals. Always remember that BB guns are not intended and not applicable to shoot another human being. This is where the Airsoft Gun takes into place. An two tone airsoft which are legal in the UK is used for this kind of thing. They are designed to be used on the battlefield with other team members when playing Airsoft. Plus, they are much safe compared to BB Gun and what’s great about the Airsoft gun is that it is far less likely to ricochet. 

Difference in Price

In regards to pricing, the two also differ in this category. Generally speaking, the prices of each gun are quite comparable if you are going to look at the quality of the gun. According to our folks in the UK, they suggest that you invest at least a hundred dollars on each gun. However, if you are looking for bb guns in the UK, get the best gun available as your investment, and it can help you make a precise shooting. 

Airsoft guns and BB guns may look the same in terms of appearance and use. However, there are differences between the two of them. BB guns can provide you an accurate shot for targeting. An Airsoft gun is a lot safer not just for humans, but also for the environment. At the end of the day, your final decision will depend on what you are going to use it for.

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