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When Killing Bed Bugs, Make Sure You Also Kill The Eggs


Feb 2, 2020 #life

Don’t Allow Bed Bugs To Infest Your House

Dealing with bed bugs around your house is not only frustrating but it is also dangerous for your health. This is because if they are not controlled on time, they will reproduce very fast becoming an infestation. When you have a bed bug infestation, you don’t know exactly how long it would take to get rid of these unwanted insects and whether you need to use home remedies or hire a professional and reliable Bed bug extermination company to do the job for you. When a person has bed bugs at home, they don’t care how they came, whether they moved from the neighbor’s house or other places, but they want to know what is the best way of eliminating them.

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Some Methods Kill Adult Bed Bugs But Not Their Eggs

There are many methods that different the Bed Bug Exterminators in Seattle use, for example, if you live in an apartment, the best thing to do is to fumigate the complete building. This is because if you only fumigate your apartment, there is a big chance that you will continue having bed bugs. After all, they will continue moving from your neighbors´ apartments, therefore, the best way of eliminating these animals is by fumigating the complete building. One of the most common methods that have been used since many years ago for bed bug extermination is using pesticides. Pesticides are not only affordable, but they are effective when it comes to eliminating unwanted insects. Unfortunately, in some cases, the results are not as fast as expected. Most pesticides are designed to kill the adult bug but not to kill the eggs. Therefore, when a pesticide is used and kills all the adult bed bugs around your house, you will notice that you will have these unwanted insects again in two or three weeks. This is because by then, the eggs have already hatched and you have new bed bugs crawling around your property. To avoid this, it is recommended that pesticides are applied again two or three weeks after it was applied the first time.

Bed Bugs Can Easily Be Eliminated When Exposed To High Temperatures

Nowadays, due to technology, we can find different products that with just one application can kill both the adult bed bug and the egg at the same time. One of the most effective ways that bed bugs can be exterminated is by using a heat treatment. This is when a reliable bed bug exterminator company brings special equipment to your house and they raise the temperature in your property up to a hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Believe it or not, when both bed bugs and eggs are exposed to this temperature, they die immediately. It is a very effective treatment that has helped thousands of homes be bed bug-free. Unfortunately, before you apply this treatment, you must make sure that you remove your pets and all heat sensitive items from your house, otherwise, this treatment can damage them due to the high temperature they will be exposed to.

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We Use The Latest Technology And The Best Equipment

No matter what treatment you think is the best. you must rely on a professional Pest Control company like Bed Bug Exterminators Seattle | Washington’s Best Exterminator that can ensure that they will do the job right the first time. If you are in Seattle Washington and you’re dealing with this problem. don’t look further and contact Bed Bug Exterminators. We are professionals that have exterminated bed bugs from different properties no matter how big or small they are. Our professionals use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that once you hire our services, you won’t see bed bugs anymore in your house. Call us today at (425) 970-8494 and get all the information you need from our experts or visit our website to request a quote online and to learn more about our services. Don’t look further and contact us today.

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