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When Will Cruises Resume & What to Know Before Booking a Cruise?

The cruise industry is working full-time to come back in all its glory for the summer of 2021.

A lot of people are asking when will cruises start again? The situation for cruises was dire in the last year of our lives. We can all remember what happened with the Diamond Princess cruise ride that was stuck for weeks on the boat. At that point, we didn’t know too much about the coronavirus, but today, after more than a year, we understand the virus, and many people were vaccinated all across the world. 

Especially in Europe, the UK and the USA are leading the pack with the number of vaccinations, and cruises are finally making a comeback. One of the first ones to start is the Celebrity Edge that will cruise out on 26 of June out of Florida. They even dropped some of their requirements recently, as you don’t have to tell the cruise line you are vaccinated or not. The cruise will they be able to test you on the spot probably and see if you have COVID before going on the trip. 

The game is one, but a few bumps sure will be felt. Testing will be rigorous for both passengers and crews to ensure smooth sailing. We do predict that cruising will resume with the summer, and ahead of that, we wanted to bring you some general tips on what you need to know before embarking on the booking processes and choosing where you want to go. 

Be Aware Of the Rules Are Procedures 

You need to be aware that this cruising trip will probably run a tad bit differently than usual. Other rules and procedures may fall upon you. One of the biggest things that you need to investigate is to see what type of medical care will be on board and what will happen in the case that you DO get sick from COVID. Yes, the chances are minimal, but in this crazy time, you need to be aware of the risks. There are already cases like this one here where you get passengers that boarded the ship that were positive, even with all precautions. 

Minimize the Risk

Get Vaccinated

 Your best bet is to get vaccinated and be ready for the cruise. We recommend this as the first and utmost step. Be aware that you will be a lot safer with a successful vaccination, and you may also get different benefits. You may not have to do mandatory tests; you will move around the ship freely and move outside the ship when you dock. Unvaccinated passengers may be restricted to areas, may need to wear masks, etc. It depends on the cruise but does, as said, do your research well. 

Get a Smaller Ship

One more thing to minimize the risk would be that you get a smaller vessel. Few people you meet, the risk is lower, and a smaller cruise could help you with that. This will and should bring your more freedom and space on the ship itself. Maybe a cruise under 300 or 200 passengers would be ideal for this year’s vacation. You could also think of getting a trip that has fewer stops. The length should not be a factor, but if you stop at too many stops, if people are getting out and in, the chance for an infection to sneak by and enter the ship is greater. 

Stick to Open Spaces and No Crowds

One more tip to minimize the risk when you’re at the cruise is to limit yourself from too crowded events and gatherings. Keep outside and keep in open spaces. A cabin with a small terrace or balcony could be ideal, and maybe that’s where you should spend that extra money. The most important thing would be to check the vessel’s ventilation and do the company update it. If you have free and fresh air circulating throughout the ship constantly, the chances for an outbreak will significantly minimize. 

Get Good Travel Insurance

Be aware that you may even be stuck in quarantine if the worst comes to shove. To be on the safe side and cover all potential losses, check out what type of insurance would be good for you. Globelink travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage with Covid protection. If an outbreak happens, at least be sure that you will be able to handle it financially, if anything. Be aware of what it covers and how it will work in an event where you could use it. You may want to opt for a more expensive option this time. 

Pack Enough Clothes

If an outbreak happens, be aware that you need more clothes and some essential items that you may get on the ship. You should double your prescription medication and some pandemic items like masks, disinfections, and gloves. Yes, the cruise should be prepared, but it’s better to be ready on your own. This also includes that you should stick to the ways of the pandemic. Avoiding too much direct contact, try to social distance if possible.

Opt For a “Tested” Location

What do we mean by that. Well, some places have prepared. Galapagos, for example, has a fantastic track record where most of their population is tested and designed for guests. So going to Galapagos is definitely a better choice than going to a place where you have low vaccination rates or current spikes in the outbreak. Try to do your research well and think of all possibilities. 

In any case, we hope that the rate of cruises resuming will increase this summer and that people will get their earned vacation. Our last suggestion is to stay on top of things, to plan ahead, and be aware that if the situation worsens, which can happen really fast, just avoid traveling. Still, hope is not lost, and we do think that the problem is getting better, though, so cruise AHO; the ocean awaits. 

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