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Where should Yerry Mina Apply his trade next season?


Jul 6, 2023 #Yerry Mina

Yerry Mina, the Colombian center-back, burst onto the scene during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where he showcased his aerial dominance and goal-scoring abilities. Since then, he has been plying his trade at Everton in the English Premier League. However, as the transfer window approaches, speculation is rife about where Mina should apply his trade next season. Several factors come into play when considering the best destination for this talented defender.

One potential option for Mina is a move to La Liga, the top division in Spain. The Colombian has already experienced success in Spanish football, having spent time at Barcelona before his move to Everton. With his aerial prowess, he could be a valuable asset to a team looking to reinforce their defense and compete at the highest level.

FC Barcelona, Mina’s former club, may be regretting their decision to let him go, especially considering their struggles in defense this season. With Gerard Piqué getting older and Samuel Umtiti injury-prone, a reunion for Mina at the Camp Nou could make sense. He already knows the culture and playing style of Barcelona, which could facilitate a seamless transition back into the team.

Another potential destination for Mina could be one of the big English clubs, such as Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams have exhibited defensive frailties this season, and Mina’s aerial ability could provide a much-needed solution. Manchester United, in particular, have struggled to find a reliable central defensive partnership, and Mina’s towering presence in the box could help shore up their leaky defense.

Tottenham Hotspur, on the other hand, have long been in need of defensive reinforcements. With Toby Alderweireld rumored to be leaving the club and Jan Vertonghen approaching the twilight of his career, Mina’s arrival could provide the stability and physicality that Spurs have been lacking. Playing under the tutelage of manager Jose Mourinho could also help Mina develop his overall game and become an even more well-rounded defender.

In addition to La Liga and the Premier League, the Italian Serie A could be a potential destination for Mina. Italian defenses are renowned for their tactical discipline and organization, making them a perfect fit for the Colombian’s defensive style. AC Milan, Inter Milan, and AS Roma are all teams that could benefit from Mina’s presence in their backline.

AC Milan, for instance, have struggled defensively in recent years and would greatly benefit from Mina’s aerial prowess. His partnership with the experienced Alessio Romagnoli could provide a solid foundation for the team to build upon. Inter Milan, on the other hand, have enjoyed a resurgence under Antonio Conte and could use Mina’s physicality to complement their fast-paced counter-attacking style.

Regardless of where Yerry Mina decides to apply his trade next season, he should carefully consider the team’s style of play, defensive needs, and potential for growth. Whether it be a return to Spain, a move to a top English club, or a switch to Italian football, Mina has the talent and potential to make a significant impact wherever he chooses to go. One thing is for certain: if he continues to develop and perform at a high level, the Colombian center-back will certainly be in high demand in the upcoming transfer window.

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