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Where To Find The 12 Coldest Jobs in The World


Oct 12, 2020 #careers, #Coldest

Meet the people working in temperatures as low as -39°C, from the Ice Truckers of America to the Ski Instructors in Europe’s award-winning slopes. According to experts, frostbite can occur on skin exposed to temperatures of -28°C and below in just 30 minutes or less and so working in the coldest corners of the planet can be dangerous. Discover the careers that are based firmly below freezing.

A new study uncovers the 12 coldest careers that require workers to withstand an average temperature of -26°C during each shift. It also suggests that working below freezing can pay off with 58% of the salaries paying above the average amount, with some earning a staggering $69,900. If you don’t mind the cold, it may be time to change career and location.

Crystal Ski has searched the globe to find out where to find the coldest jobs, the average temperatures work is conducted in, the cost of renting in the area and their salaries. From Gold Miners to Ski Instructors, here’s where you can find the jobs that require staff to work in painfully low temperatures between -2°C and -39°C.

Top 5 Locations for Jobs Below Freezing:

1. Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk, Russia

The coldest job studied were Chief Technologists in Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk, Russia. They work in temperatures that average at a numbing -39°C. As mentioned, frostbite can occur on skin exposed to temperatures of -28°C but is this job worth the risk?

Yakutsk has the lowest winter temperatures of any city in the world and these Gold Mining specialists have a healthy salary of $57,108, although they do not earn the most of those studied.

2. Yukon, Canada

Visit Canada if you are looking for a career in the cold as a shocking 40% of the world’s coldest jobs can be found here. Here you will find a variety of jobs from a Ski Instructor in -11°C, to a Truck Driver in Winnipeg, who work in -16°C.

However, Mining Officers in Fort Selkirk, Yukon nab the spot in second place and work in bitterly cold -27°C temperatures and earn $50,000 a year. Yukon is also home to the fifth coldest job, Mill Helpers in Snag, who work in conditions below -24.5°C and earn $21,490.

Truck Drivers in Winnipeg, Manitoba earn on average $63,700, the second highest salary of those studied in -16°C temperatures. They receive a salary 45.05% higher than the same job in the area.

The cost of living in this climate is also a factor to consider as although seasonal Ski Instructors in Mont-Tremblant earn $23,573, they have to allocate one of the highest percentages of their income to rent, spending on average 38.69% of their salaries on this.

3. Heilongjiang, China

Avoid China if you’re looking to profit from working in cold conditions as Engine Installation Engineers in Heilongjiang, although placed at number three, earn $17,403. This is a huge $51,501 less than the Hazmat Specialists in Barrow, Alaska who work in the same temperature of -26°C. A huge difference for these careers in the cold.

To make matters worse, they also earn almost 78% less than other engineers across China.

4. Alaska, America

Head to the United States if you’re hoping for a pay rise in 2019. Hazmat Specialists in Barrow, Alaska earn $68,904 at -26°C, a considerable 49.65% more than the country’s average salary for this role and $11,796 more than the coldest career.

Package Delivery Drivers also profit from the cold conditions as those based in Fraser, Colorado earn $39,672 per year, a pay packet 29.74% higher than the average while working at -10°C.

But this comes with a catch… they also spend the highest percentage of their salary on renting, a total of 43.86% on average.

5. Upernavik, Greenland

The fifth country is home to Airport Terminal Workers, who work in average temperatures of -17°C. Earning $24,960 a year, over 15% less than the average in the area, it is debatable whether this role is worth the minus temperatures.

With the 12 careers salaries averaging at $40,824.58, would you work below freezing? These countries host the coldest jobs in the world, to view the study in full, click here.